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Ion Water Filter - NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

The Interpure ION will free you and your office from bottled water for good. Connect this machine directly to your tap water supply, and receive fresh, filtered water at the touch of a button.

This machine uses a 0.5-micron, commercial-grade filtration system to remove the most miniscule bacteria infecting your water. A single sip will demonstrate how delicious and crisp the water tastes every time.

Easy cleanup is one of the best features about this machine. No tools or turning off the water supply required, changing the filter is a breeze. Five models are available with choices ranging from hot or cold water, or even sparkling water.

Make the ION drinking water appliance the newest addition to your break room and provide your employees with healthy and pure drinking water at their fingertips.

    Dimensions: 7″w x 11.1″h x 10″d

    • Model 901: 36 lbs. empty
    • Model 902: 38 lbs. empty
    • Model 903: 37 lbs. empty
    • Model 904: 40 lbs. empty
    • Model 905: 36 lbs. empty

    Voltage: 120VAC

    • 0.5-micron, commercial-grade carbon filtration system.
    • Ideal for small offices and gyms.
    • Easy, 10-minute set-up.
    • Plumbing connection required.

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