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Building a Positive Workplace Culture in the New York Metro Area

Corporate Essentials Company Timeline
Corporate Essentials Company Timeline

Building Relationships & Positive Workplace Culture

A word from our founder about creating a positive workplace culture with happy employees in Manhattan, New York City, and New Jersey

More than 25 years ago, a vision was born: to create a company whose products and services would be valued by customers, respected by peers and suppliers, and loved by its employees. Today, that vision is a reality in ways I couldn’t have dreamed, and yet we are still continually striving to be better, always changing and growing.

Today we bring our expertise and passion to more than 1,500 clients in New York and New Jersey, reaching more than 150,000 employees with our products and services daily. Our products and services help our clients fuel positive workplace culture throughout the NYC metro market, enabling their employees to work happy.




Cups of coffee served

Know what helps create a positive workplace culture? Having the highest quality coffee beans delivered straight to your office. Corporate Essentials has served more than 50 million cups of socially responsible coffee since 1996.


Pounds of bananas

We provide our NY & NJ clients’ offices with the freshest produce to fuel their teams the smart way. More than 4,500 lbs. of bananas get delivered each month throughout the New York City area.


Cultures fueled

Everything we do is done with you in mind. We’ve been fueling positive workplace cultures throughout New York City and New Jersey for over 25 years. Our success rate is 100%.

Our Core Values are what define us!

“Sustainability is the new standard”

Loved by NY/NJ brands.

Join Our Team

Be a part of something great.

Are you looking to make a difference every day? Join the Corporate Essentials team and start fueling office cultures all over NJ, NYC, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. We take pride in what we do, and aim to create happy work environments for every one of our customers. We don’t just provide excellent, socially responsible coffee and healthy snacks, we create the space where businesses can be even better at what they do best.


You choose the items. We stock your shelves.
Fuel your
positive workplace culture.

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