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Essentials Marketplace & Cafe is Corporate Essentials’ very own self-service retail solution that provides fresh, healthy and satisfying snacks, plus light meals and drink options, to offices in New York City and New Jersey.

From salads and sandwiches to yogurt and fruit, as well as functional beverages and teas, this office market can be stocked with endless combinations of brands and products. Not only is there a wide variety of food and drinks available for purchase, there are many other diverse kinds of products that are also capable of being sold in this micro market, such as reusable water bottles, health aides, and other merchandise.

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Essentials Marketplace & Cafe offers the convenience of existing within workplace environments, and allow employees to accessibly scan and pay for their items at an easy to use, unmanned Parlevel kiosk. Different kinds of payment options, including Parlevel’s Koin app, are also available to make checkout quick and simple for all users. The premium features don’t stop there. With open shelves and coolers that can be arranged to fit any area, Essentials Marketplace & Cafe provides a variety of industrial and complementary solutions for any office setting.

Parlevel Systems

The Checkout Solution for Your Breakroom.

Paying Has Never Been So Easy!

Essentials Marketplace & Cafe uses Parlevel kiosks to make it fast and simple for employees to pay for their favorite snacks, beverages and other
everyday necessities. Truly, this office market offers plenty of payment options to suit the situation. With the scan of a barcode, the press of
a finger, cash, credit, or even the use of an app like Apple Pay, self-checkout has never been so easy.

No wallet? No problem! Parlevel Wallet lets employees create a preloaded account to pay for items. They can access the wallet by scanning a FOB, user number and PIN, or by simply using their fingerprint.

Parlevel also allows employees to be connected to their office market via the web and mobile app. For instance, the Koin app by Parlevel makes it
easy to remotely manage an account in order to reload wallets, check Essentials Marketplace & Cafe’s inventory, provide service feedback, pay
from a phone, and utilize many other features. Koin helps provide added convenience for employees and guests, and keeps them from missing out on sales.

Koin App

The Koin app is truly an intuitive checkout process, and it is completely powered by your smartphone. Simply select a product, scan it on your phone, pay, and enjoy! It’s that easy. Koin also allows you to setup automatic wallet reloads, remotely check what is in your Essentials Marketplace & Cafe inventory, provide service feedback and plenty of other features that enhance your market experience.

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