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Offices in NYC and NJ are Stocking Convenience, Quality, and Healthful Options with the Essentials Marketplace & Cafe Micro Market

Essentials Marketplace & Cafe is Corporate Essentials’ self-service retail solution for companies that want to provide fresh, healthy, satisfying snacks, light meals, and cold beverages to employees. This is the perfect option for companies to subsidize and reward employees with marketplace “perks” for their daily snacks and drinks.

From salads and sandwiches to yogurt and fruit, single serve beverages to specialty teas, this office micro market can be stocked with endless combinations of brands and products. Employees will have a wide variety of food and drinks available for purchase, as well as other products such as reusable water bottles, health aids, and other merchandise.

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The Ultimate Convenience and Selection. That’s Essentials Marketplace & Cafe.

Adding our micro market to your premises adds convenience for both business owners and employees.

Open shelves and coolers offer flexible layout possibilities, and Corporate Essentials designs each micro market to optimize your available space.

Employees scan and pay their items with ease, at an unmanned kiosk or via mobile app.

Optional video monitoring helps curb loss.

Create a market that reflects your team

  • We have a broad range of better-for-you snacks, nutritious light meals, and cold drinks they’ll enjoy, any time of the workday. Think yogurt & fruit cups, crudites and dip, cheese and crackers, trail mix, energy bars, bagels and cream cheese, plus specialty teas and drinks.
  • Corporate Essentials designs each micromarket to optimize your available space with open spaces and coolers.
  • Whether they’re early-morning or late-afternoon nibblers, vitamin water or cold brew coffee drinkers, we can customize your offerings to cater to your employees’ preferences.
  • Accommodate their special dietary needs with gluten-free, vegetarian, or dairy-free options.
  • We make sure there are still the traditional candy, cookies and snacks some employees love to enjoy.

Benefits of a Micro Market – Give Them What They’re Hungry For!

Midday cravings – solved. That “hangry” feeling – gone. Time crunch issue –no problem. Healthy snacks they prefer – done.

Those are some of the benefits of offering your employees a micro market at your workplace or facility. Adding a micro market enables you to:

  • Provide healthy snacks, meals, and beverages on site for employees seeking a quick breakfast, lunch, or coffee break bite
  • Support corporate health initiatives – with health and wellness on everyone’s minds, you can create a great foundation by stocking these and other foods and beverages that lead by healthful examples. gourmet salads and kombucha, anyone?
  • Addresses what today’s employees want – convenient ways to fuel up and hydrate with the latest beverages and foods, plus the ability to satisfy carvings at a moment’s notice.
  • Enhance productivity – the convenience of an on-site micro market can’t be beat. There’s no need to run to the corner convenience store for a sandwich, or deal with elevators to get downstairs; micro markets can be connected to a smartphone app for browsing selections in advance.
  • Boost morale – like the employee break room, the micro market is another spot for your team to meet up for a few minutes of positive social interaction as they peruse the many options available. Give them something delicious to chew during those sweet tooth moments (everyone likes to sneak a favorite cookie or candy bar now and then).

Two Easy Ways to Pay

Essentials Marketplace & Café offers additional convenience for everyone with two versatile ways for employees to pay. Both are fast and as truly as easy as 1-2-3, Users get to enjoy their favorite snacks, beverages, and other goods with a scan, push, or click. And all transactions are encrypted for security.

parlevel machine

Checkout kiosk

This self-checkout kiosk is like those in many supermarkets and big box stores.

  1. Scan the item’s barcode
  2. Choose payment method: cash, credit, virtual wallet app (such as Apple Pay) or Parlevel Wallet, a preloaded account.
  3. Enjoy the purchase
two phones using the koin app

Smartphone app

A smartphone app employees use to scan the item, pay, and fuel up. Koin enables employees to manage their accounts remotely to reload their virtual wallets, check your micro market’s inventory, learn about sale items, and enjoy other features.

It really is that simple!

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