Build Your Custom Break Room


Bring the refreshing, smooth and balanced flavors of cold brew coffee and teas to your office to enjoy all year-round.


Keep every member of your team hydrated with unlimited still and sparkling flavored water from a modern water cooler, made for today’s office.


Once you've picked your favorite snacks, we'll create a delivery schedule and create a pantry system to fit your space.


Maintain a balanced diet at your office with a vast selection of healthy snacks from popular snack brands.


Combine all of your employee and office needs to create a unique and custom design for your break room.


Enjoy both café drinks and traditionally brewed coffee at the start of a faucet!

Bring a variety of on tap refreshments to your office.

Our cold brew program features local New York City coffee roaster, Irving Farm Coffee, to create the rich, smooth flavor to enjoy all year-round. After our process is complete, our cold brew is kegged and stored until it’s ready for delivery. Whether its on the rocks or with cream and flavored syrup, you can enjoy the luxury of cold brew coffee serviced right in your office.

Not only does it come with its own kegerator, you can also enjoy the delicate, clean flavor of cold brew tea or give your office a health kick with probiotic-rich kombucha on tap.

Personalized hydration for the whole team.

Bevi is paving the way for filtered water dispensing. Keep every member of your team hydrated with a modern machine made for today’s office.

This machine lets you customize your beverage with a variety of flavors from lime and mint to orange mango, to just name a few. The machine is completely touchscreen making it extremely easy and efficient to use – pouring more than 5 drinks per minute. If you’re looking for a smart way to supply ample hydration to your employees, Bevi is the right choice for you!

Get great delivery service, all while creating a happy culture.

We understand how busy it can get in the business world, so that’s why we take it into our hands to make sure your New Jersey office break room doesn’t go unnoticed. Once you’ve picked your favorite snacks, we’ll create a delivery schedule based on your team’s needs. Then we’ll create a pantry system that fits your space best. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

Delicious treats with a healthy twist.

There’s no need to eliminate snacking from your activities at the office! We have designed the best snack service to empower your staff to make healthy eating choices. With a vast selection of snacks from popular brands such as Snackwell, Snyder’s, Quaker and Nabisco, there is definitely a choice in there to keep your office happy.

We’ll help you create your culture hub.

We understand that great culture goes further than just adding coffee and snacks to your break room (that’s just the first step!). We also know that the equipment and products we offer best function together.

Every office is different and every employee has a different idea about what would make up an ideal break room. Our expert team will come in to analyze your NYC office size, space and volume and then work with you to choose the best appliances, products and furniture to fill your break room.

The future of coffee.

The Scanomat TopBrewer is an under-the-counter unit that allows the system to have a complete minimalistic look and feel. You can control your coffee order at your finger tips – using an iPad!

With two separate grinders, you can produce both café drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos; or take the simplistic approach and brew a traditional cup of coffee. In addition, the TopBrewer has the world’s smallest milk frother making it that much easier to make the perfect latte.

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