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For over 25 years, Corporate Essentials has been a leader in keeping employees engaged by helping companies foster a positive workplace culture.

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Rethink Your Break Room Design

Include the latest technologies and safeguards

New times require new thinking, and our experts are on top of the tools, technology, and products that make for peace of mind among your employees, while creating a break area where people can connect and your company’s culture can thrive. Let us “walk you through” how your break room decor can be improved with a complimentary virtual or on-site work break room audit.

Remote Employee Connections

Keep your team engaged and connected

Maintain connection and engagement with team members who are working remotely. Send your office break room to them with curated snacks and coffee boxes delivered to their home. These break room food (snacks and beverages) and corporate coffee bar boxes can be used to recognize personal and professional milestones or reward performance.


person using a scanomat


App-driven touchless break room coffee makers

Designed to meet the needs of today’s workplace, the TopBrewer will seamlessly integrate into any office break room to deliver a variety of drinks with an incredible taste and quality– using a smartphone app or with your voice command. With its modern, minimalistic design, the machine is hidden under a counter with just an elegant swan neck tap and an iPad above the surface.

TopBrewer provides cafe-quality coffee drinks such as espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, traditionally brewed coffee, and more all customized to the individual’s taste. Multiple grinders give the perfect extraction for optimal espresso-based beverages or coffee beverages, so your corporate coffee bar experience is truly perfect each and every time.

Total 1

An innovative bean to cup solution

The Total 1 system by Cafection is designed to provide your corporate coffee bar with a premium, delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee every time. With three bean hoppers, customizable brew strengths, and an array of delicious flavors, this brewing system is a force to be reckoned with. Each Total 1 machine is equipped with Sophia Touchless Solutions, allowing everyone in your office break room to order their coffee without touching anything besides their smartphones. Simply scan the QR code, select your beverage, and enjoy!



The “cooler” water cooler

Water is life. TopWater delivers fresh, filtered, and sparkling water on tap through a simple, safe, and hygienic “touchless” system. Its sleek design fits the aesthetic of any break room design and can be paired with the TopBrewer and TopJuicer systems. The TopWater system eliminates waste associated with single-serve plastic bottles.

Bevi Water System

Hands-free, personalized natural pantry hydration station

Keep every member of your team hydrated with a hands-free, modern machine made for today’s office break room. Using a smartphone app or the touchscreen, Bevi is extremely easy and efficient to use – pouring more than five drinks per minute. This machine lets you customize your beverage with a variety of flavors from lime and mint to orange mango, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a smart way to supply an ample variety of hydration to your employees, consider a freestanding or countertop Bevi unit for your office break area.


Your drink, your way

MYX is the world’s first green-tech, all-natural, and fully customizable hydration system. It dispenses still or sparkling water, teas, and fruit beverages combined with natural sweeteners including cane sugar or monk fruit blends. Top it off with enhancements like energy, immunity, electrolytes, or CBD oil to discover a new drink each time. Access your personalized office break room beverage history at any time with the app to repeat your employees’ past favorites! MYX can also be made contactless by scanning the QR code directly on the machine.


Secure, healthy, sustainable hydration

Vivreau means responsible water on demand for your office break room. Their systems fit seamlessly into any break area and eliminate the need for single-serve plastic bottles. Vivreau gives you full control over your water program and the assurance that you are providing a safe, high-quality, and natural pantry hydration station to your team. Their turnkey workplace package includes durable signage with sanitization instructions, an antimicrobial film designed for the touchpad, and a sanitization kit for routine cleaning.

Borg & Overstrom

Hygienic and hands-free

Borg & Overstrom flourishes in all environments – from the boardroom to the office break room. Its compact size, large dispense area for bottles, multiple water options, and flexible configuration make it an ideal water solution for your break room kitchen. In addition to its ultra-hygienic touch panel, the Borg & Overstrom eliminates the risk of contamination further with their foot pedal option for hands-free dispensing.

Bottled Refreshments

Grab, go, hydrate

When your staff needs to “chill,” we’ve got them covered. Go beyond soda and stock your office break room with everything from healthy kombucha tea to cold-brew coffee, energy drinks, coconut water, and more. Single-serve beverages are a safe alternative to keep your team well-hydrated while on the go.


Pantry Service

Fuel your culture

From ultra- fresh-roasted coffee to fresh fruit and dairy products to rethinking your break room kitchen, you can rely on us to create the ultimate, safe, and satisfying office break room experience.

For 25 years, our clients have enjoyed premium beverage services, brewing equipment, and office break room essentials. We’re the office break room experts offering consolidated services including regularly scheduled maintenance, on-site attendants, and a complete list of recommendations for safe solutions in your break area. Providing nourishing snacks and food in your office keeps your team safer by limiting outside contact. The time savings is a bonus!

Healthy Snacks

Delicious break room food with a healthy twist

Your workforce is diverse and their nutritional requirements are, too. Corporate Essentials is your go-to supplier for bringing guilt-free snacks right to your office break room. Variety is key, from fresh fruits and veggies to dairy products and dairy-free replacements, such as products made with almond milk, coconut milk, or oat milk. Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, keto, kosher? No problem. Learn more about our healthy snack delivery for offices in New Jersey and New York City. Working remotely? We’ve got that covered, too.

snacks on a table

Snack Box

Feel-good snacks and coffee

You can rely on us to create the ultimate office break room experience — from redesigning your break room kitchen to providing fresh-roasted coffee, fresh fruit, and dairy products for your on-site team and healthful snacks to remote employees.

Our curated snack and coffee boxes feature savory, sweet, and healthy varieties. Place them around the office break area or send them to your remote workers to provide the benefits of the in-office break room at home. You can customize your snack boxes with messages and favorite break room essentials for your team members. Keep them feeling appreciated, engaged, and well-fueled.

Essentials Marketplace & Cafe

Self-serve retail vending solution

Essentials Marketplace & Cafe is Corporate Essentials’ very own self-service retail solution that provides fresh, healthy, and satisfying snacks, light meals, and drink options to office break rooms in New York City and New Jersey. From salads and sandwiches to yogurt and fruit, and functional beverages and teas, this office market can be stocked with endless combinations of break room essentials. You can incorporate Essentials Marketplace & Cafe into any break room design to conveniently offer employees a way to access, scan, and pay for their items at an easy-to-use, self-service kiosk. For a great office perk, show employees your appreciation for their hard work by subsidizing a portion of the cost of items they purchase.

In-Office + Off-Site Catering

Revolutionizing the office break area with a curated culinary experience

Need a safe way to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, or provide freshly prepared snacks and baked goods for a meeting or your break area? Martin + Fitch catering offers seasonally-inspired recipes made with fresh, local ingredients. Our grab-and-go meals make “dining in” convenient and safer than having your employees leave the office. Our menu offers individual servings without compromising variety or quality. From everyday meals to special events, contactless drop-offs to full-service catering, Martin + Fitch by Corporate Essentials is sure to please everyone in your break room kitchen.

Need help planning your break room design?

Corporate Essentials can help. We’re offering a complimentary break room essentials assessment and office break area plan.

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