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Providing your employees with fresh, pure and crisp water is the best way to ensure a healthy and productive office environment. Bring a water filtration system into your New Jersey, Manhattan or Brooklyn office to provide your employees with beverage options that go beyond a glass of water.

Whether you need a compact countertop option or a floor-standing dispenser, Interpure has your filtered water needs covered. Provide your employees with hot or cold fresh water to satisfy any of their in-office beverage desires.

The Interpure process removes bacteria, organic chemicals and sediment from your water before it hits your glass. There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of water.

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This Ion filtration will provide your employees with safe drinking water straight from your tap, and forever free your office from plastic water bottles for good. This commercial-grade filter will ensure every pour is crisp, fresh and at whatever temperature you want, with the touch of a button.

With no cleanup required and easy to change filters, you’ll have an unlimited supply of pure drinking water at your fingertips.

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