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Flavia machines are designed to meet everyone’s individual drink demands. By selecting a range of products from our specialty single-serve brands, everyone in the office will be satisfied. It’s a great option to provide for your New Jersey, Manhattan or Brooklyn-based office.

The Flavia Barista brings a new meaning to the phrase “coffee maker”. This single-serve machine will brew the most perfect coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and espresso at the press of a button in the comfort of your office break room.

With a simple touch screen interface, easy access doors to accommodate single-serve Freshpacks and a removable tray to cater to different cup sizes, the Barista brewer is simply genius.

Enjoy a perfectly crafted espresso from your Flavia Barista brewer with the touch of a button – what more could you want in an office coffee machine?

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A step above the rest, the CREATION 400 brewer provides the ultimate capability in personalizing every cup of coffee. Frothy cappuccinos, lattes and mochas are available in addition to the hundreds of already-available flavor pods.

This brewer is able to do the same work as most single-cup brewers while using 40% less energy. It can even streamline your coffee break process by making a delicious cup in 30-seconds flat.

Having a fresh, hot coffee in your hand within one minute is a no-brainer.

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An environmentally friendly one-cup brewing system that packs powerful, decadent taste in every cup. With hundreds of varieties of flavors in the CREATION 200 brewer, this is the perfect addition to a break room of coffee-fanatics who love having options.

An innovative design coupled with a compact build allows it to use 54% less energy annually than many other comparable models. Don’t let the environmentally friendly traits fool you, this machine still packs the perfect punch for offices under 50 people.

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