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Why do RealCup single-serve coffee and teas taste better than others? Because RealCup cups have Flavor Max Filters to give you the boldest tasting cup you’ve ever tasted!

Bolder flavor you can taste

The unique Flavor Max Filters are made from non-woven fibers that allow all the rich, full bodied flavors of your coffee and tea to get to your cup. RealCup makes sure there is a perfect amount of ground coffee or tea in each single-serve cup. The flavors are sealed in with an airtight seal to ensure the freshest flavors when served.

Put all of these elements together and you have what coffee aficionados like to call the perfect cup of coffee. RealCup single serve cups allow you to brew coffee or tea that tastes exactly how you expect it to. There are no surprises here, just a great tasting cup of hot coffee to get you through the morning or perk up your afternoon.

RealCup vs. K-Cup Packs

Give your team what they want

Not only do RealCup’s Flavor Max Filters provide the best tasting cup, but these filters brew a stronger cup of coffee when compared to other single-serve filters and even a slow brewed french press coffee. RealCup cups brew a coffee just as dark as a slow brewed french press and darker in color than traditional cups.

When it comes to providing your office with the best coffee around, RealCup is the choice for you. Easy to use, convenient and the perfect cup of coffee every time, what more could you ask for? Treat your team to amazing coffee from the brands you love like Martison, Brown Gold, Marley Coffee, Higgins & Burke and Second Cup.

The RealCup RC400 Brewer is the ultimate compliment to the Flavor Max Filter single-serve cups. Not only does this machine brew RealCup cups, but it is also compatible with K-Cup® products for your convenience.

The RC400 is easy to use, easy to operate and built to last. With its large touch screen, brewing the exact cup of coffee you desire is as simple as using your smart phone.

Options are endless with this brewer! Whether you want a mug full of java in the morning or you’re filling your travel cup and hitting the road, the RC400 can accommodate up to a 16 oz. size travel mug. Talk about convenience.

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