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Healthy Office Snack Delivery to Fuel Your Company Culture

You choose your healthy office snack items.

We offer thousands of different office snack box options. From healthy snacks like raw granola bars, Greek yogurt, and farm-fresh produce to traditional faves like potato chips and gummy bears, mix and match your office snack subscription. Not to mention, we add new products to our corporate snack roster every month.

We stock your shelves with healthy office snacks.

person delivering snacks

We come, we organize, we conquer. Once you’ve picked your favorite corporate snacks, we will create a schedule for your food delivery to the office that works best for your team. Then we’ll create a pantry system that fits your space best. It’s that easy. You can sit back, relax, and watch your office snack box fuel your team.

Design your perfect office snack subscription.

women at a table drinking coffee

Our office snack delivery service will instantly perk up your team. Treat your team to a generous perk of free corporate snacks and refreshments, and see real cultural ROI throughout your company, whether you have 15 or 1,500 people on your team.

Extend your happy culture with healthy snacks delivered to your team’s homes.

We understand that the pandemic has changed the way we work, but just because your team may be mostly remote now doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from healthy office snacks. We’re your office snack supplier of choice, for delivery to your home and office.

Your team wants to feel appreciated for the hard work they put in from 9 to 5. Keep them happy and engaged with free snacks, cold drinks, and more available all day, every day — delivered right to their front door.

Here are some of the healthy snack delivery box options we have to offer:

  • Brands your team know and love, like Harmless Harvest, KIND, Peet’s Coffee, Bai 5, Red Bull, Nourish Snacks, Synergy Kombucha, VitaCoco, and many more.
  • Weekly (or even daily) dairy and fresh fruit delivery service.
  • Locally sourced products are offered when available to support local businesses.

Just fill out the form, and one of our snack experts will be in touch with you shortly.

Start snacking.