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Indulge in a freshly frozen treat with ColdSnap® – the revolutionary countertop appliance that creates delectable frozen treats from single-serve ColdSnap pods in approximately two minutes.

Coldsnap machine

Delicious & Personalized

Explore an array of premium ice cream, non-dairy frozen desserts, frozen lattes, invigorating smoothies,  protein shakes, frozen cocktails, and even boozy ice cream! Coldsnap’s frozen confections are crafted with high-quality ingredients such as milk, cream, and real fruit, and boast an exceptionally smooth and creamy texture thanks to their proprietary freezing process.


Gone are the days of preparation and messy cleanup. Simply insert a ColdSnap pod into the machine, and within 120 seconds your treat is elegantly dispensed directly into a bowl below. Food never touches the machine during the freezing, mixing, and dispensing process, eliminating the need for any clean-up.


ColdSnap’s frozen treat system is not only convenient but also environmentally responsible. ColdSnap’s pods are stored at room temperature and frozen precisely when you crave them, thereby reducing the energy consumption and unfriendly CO2 typically associated with shipping and storing frozen products.

 ColdSnap® – Always Chill!

Are you interested in serving delicious, high quality treats to your team at the office? We will be holding demonstrations of this machine to show off its full capabilities in March 2024! Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how ColdSnap can become a new break room favorite!

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