GUIDE: Return Employees to Work Safely

Strategies for Returning Employees to the Office Safely, Keeping Home-Based Employees Engaged

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Keep employees happy wherever they’re working!

Corporate Essentials is the leader in keeping employees engaged, fostering company culture wherever they’re working—at the office or at home.

As experts in office coffee service and break room design, we help corporations create safe, satisfying spaces that deliver what your team craves. Touchless craft coffee, fresh grab-and-go curated food, and in-office catered meals help you fuel your staff. We can also bring the employee break room to your remote employees with snack-at-home boxes and coffee gifts. Ask about our WFH engagement solutions, virtual cooking classes, and other team-building activities.

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Fuel Office Culture Safely and Keep Teams Engaged

Send the break room to their desk.

Custom snack and coffee boxes delivered right to the home or office.


Workplace Culinary Solutions

In-office grab-and-go catered meals and special event catering from Martin + Fitch featuring seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients.


It’s our job to make yours easier. How can we help?

They are a one-stop supplier for PPE, sanitization equipment, and a fully stocked break room.

They helped us rethink our break room services to adapt to the current times.

We’re using their virtual events and snack box services to keep our teams connected and culture alive.

The touchless equipment for beverages and snacks keep our team feeling safeguarded.

Rethink your break room.


Beyond Guardian Air with ActivePure®️ Technology

Purify air and surfaces. Create a safe environment.

Office Coffee Service

Why wait in line
for a great cup of joe?

Bold, flavorful coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s a culture. At Corporate Essentials we specialize in bringing fresh coffee right to your break room with touchless technology. Create the perfect atmosphere for your team with aromatic coffees, hot tea, ice cold water, healthy snacks and locally roasted coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

Does your office have
cold brew on tap? It should.

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh, cold brewed coffee over ice, with a splash of milk on a hot summer morning to wake your senses. We’ve teamed up with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters to create the Essential Coffee Company Cold Brew Program.

Now you can have the smooth flavors of your favorite cold brew coffee chilled to perfection in your office. Let’s stock your break room with our cold brew coffee kegerator and satisfy all of the coffee drinkers on your team.

Locally Sourced Products

Supporting office culture
and our neighbors.

It’s not just about how bold your coffee tastes. We’ve worked diligently to compile a coffee menu that includes many locally roasted coffee options. Whether you choose Java Cafe Coffee, exclusively sold at Corporate Essentials, or beans from Cafe Grumpy and Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, your decision to buy local won’t go unnoticed.

Healthy Snacks

You are what you eat,
and so is your office.

Fresh fruits, nutritious granola bars and refreshing coconut water are the modern ways to fuel your office. There’s no denying that potato chips and chocolate bars are delicious, but your team won’t make it to 5pm on that kind of diet. Hit the ground running with individually wrapped healthier options delivered right to your break room.