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Your Single Source

for Happy Employees and a Positive Company Culture

Keep Employees Energized All Day

Corporate Essentials is the leader in engaging employees and fostering positive company culture throughout the NY metro area.

As experts in corporate coffee service, pantry services, and break room design, we help create safe, satisfying spaces that deliver what your team craves. Touchless craft coffee and locally sourced artisanal brews, popular cold beverages (kombucha, anyone?), fresh grab-and-go snacks, and delicious workplace dining help you fuel your staff throughout the work week.

We serve companies in NYC, Manhattan, and northern NJ with custom selections of snacks, beverages, and gourmet meals that keep them coming back for more.

Call us at 973-402-1088.

Elevated Workplace Culinary Solutions and Corporate Dining Services

In-office grab-and-go catered meals, corporate dining services, and special event catering from Martin + Fitch featuring seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

We’re Keeping our Customers Energized, Too!

Our break room is always stocked with what everyone wants. There’s never a supply issue.

They helped us rethink our break room services to adapt to the current times.

Our team enjoys the healthy catered lunches they’re getting at the office.

The touchless equipment for beverages and snacks keep our team feeling safeguarded.

Corporate Coffee Service

We have creative ideas and the expertise to elevate your coffee offerings. Let’s work together to help keep your team perky and pumped.

Bold, flavorful coffee isn’t just a beverage, it helps build a positive culture! At Corporate Essentials, we specialize in elevating your office coffee offerings. We’ll keep your team fueled and ready to tackle any challenge, by creating the perfect atmosphere with aromatic coffees, pantry services, hot tea, ice cold water, healthy office snacks and locally roasted coffee.

Cold Brew Offerings

Does your office have cold brew on tap? It should.

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh, cold brewed coffee over ice with a splash of milk to refresh your mind and perk up your senses.

We have several popular brands such as Wandering Bear, RISE and others that will satisfy your team’s unique needs.

Now you can have the smooth flavors of your favorite cold brew coffee, chilled to perfection in your office. Let’s stock your corporate break room with our cold brew coffee kegerator and satisfy all the caffeine aficionados on your team with our premium cold brew program.

Locally Sourced Products

Supporting sustainability with our vast offerings while supporting local businesses.

It’s not just about how bold your coffee tastes (although your team will certainly thank you for it). We’ve worked diligently to compile coffee offerings that includes many locally roasted coffee options. Whether you choose Java Cafe Coffee, exclusively sold at Corporate Essentials, or beans from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, your decision to buy local to stock your corporate break room won’t go unnoticed.

Healthy Office Snacks

You are what you eat,
and so is your team.

Fresh fruits, nutritious granola bars, and refreshing coconut water are the modern ways to fuel your office culture. Have your team hit the ground running with the right office snacks to power them through any project. We stock individually wrapped, healthier options, as well as fresh fruit, right to your corporate break room.