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Kegco is well-versed in providing in-office options that everyone will love. Allow them to be the newest and best part of your New Jersey, Brooklyn or Manhattan office break room for all of your cold beverage needs.

Cold-brew coffee options are a surefire way to ensure all of your employees are satisfied with their coffee break. Add the high-tech and high-powered Kegco Cold Brew Kegerator to your office and provide your office with on-tap coffee to guarantee quick coffee breaks and satisfaction.

This ready to drink cold brew coffee is made in 5-gallon kegs on tap. With each batch freshly brewed overnight it’ll be ready to enjoy fresh the next morning.

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The Kegco XCK-2448S can take the pressure of supplying any sized office with their daily dose of cold brew coffee like a champ. These kegerators are the ideal coffee (or beer) dispensers for large offices with lots of employees since they can serve 100+ people at a time using 5 gallon kegs.

This coffee/beer dispenser includes two heavy duty shelves that can easily be adjusted depending on what the user needs at that moment. Users can keep cans, bottles and mugs cool and frosty on one shelf while dispensing liquids from the keg on the other side.

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With the ability to mount two draft arms at once, the Kegco XCK-2460S can be set up to dispense from 2-8 kegs at once. Forced air refrigeration keeps the coffee in the kegs ice cold and hoses direct cold air into each brew tower to ensure the line is cooled all the way to the faucet.

Although this is a pretty hefty sized machine, it’s extremely versatile and multi-functional. Employees can use this kegerator as a place to store bottles, cans, mugs or glasses, while dispensing liquid at the same time.

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