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Across the board, Keurig® is the ultimate choice for single brew coffee in any office. Allow us to serve your NJ, NYC, Manhattan or Brooklyn-based office with delicious, fresh Keurig options.

The K3000SE is a step-up among average single-serve coffee brewers. As always, a 60-second, fresh cup is delivered with no-hassle, but this machine goes the extra step. Used K-Cup storage and direct-water-line plumbing allow this brewer to ease the set-up and cleanup processes.

Ideal for a medium-to-large-sized office, it will ensure your employees get great coffee without ever leaving the office. You’ll see a spike in both productivity and employee happiness.

Learn more about the Keurig® K3000SE Brewer >>

For small offices with a strong desire for coffee, the K130 brewer is a great option. One-cup brewing allows employees to choose from over 250 varieties of beverages. This machine is hassle-free and ensures easy use and virtually no clean-up.

With step-by-step directions included right on the machine, you and your guests will always be able to use the brewer with ease. Simply add a K-Cup Pack of your choice, add water and watch the coffee brew right before your eyes.

Learn more about the Keurig® K130 Brewer >>

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