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Across the board, Keurig® is the ultimate choice for single brew coffee in any office. Allow us to serve your NJ, NYC, Manhattan or Brooklyn-based office with delicious, fresh Keurig options.

The K3000SE is a step-up among average single-serve coffee brewers. As always, a 60-second, fresh cup is delivered with no-hassle, but this machine goes the extra step. Used K-Cup storage and direct-water-line plumbing allow this brewer to ease the set-up and cleanup processes.

Ideal for a medium-to-large-sized office, it will ensure your employees get great coffee without ever leaving the office. You’ll see a spike in both productivity and employee happiness.

Learn more about the Keurig® K3000SE Brewer >>

The K150 is the ultimate choice for an office full of coffee-connoisseurs. With its high-tech LED display screen, plethora of size choices and beverage temperature selection options, your employees will return to their desks satisfied with each and every cup.

Plus, Quiet Brew Technology ensures they can do so with disrupting a soul. That means you get an incredible cup of coffee in under 60 seconds, while being able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the office.

Learn more about the Keurig® K150 Brewer >>

For small offices with a strong desire for coffee, the K130 brewer is a great option. One-cup brewing allows employees to choose from over 250 varieties of beverages. This machine is hassle-free and ensures easy use and virtually no clean-up.

With step-by-step directions included right on the machine, you and your guests will always be able to use the brewer with ease. Simply add a K-Cup Pack of your choice, add water and watch the coffee brew right before your eyes.

Learn more about the Keurig® K130 Brewer >>

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