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Your employees will be ecstatic that their favorite pick-me-ups are just steps away from their desks. A happy employee makes for a productive employee.

Environmentally Friendly

Who needs bottles and cans when your favorite beverages are available from refillable kegs? The earth will thank you.

Your New Water Cooler

In the modern NYC office, the kegerator is the new water cooler. These fun beverage options will give employees that 3 pm social break they need.

The Brands You Know and Love, and a Few New Faces

Refresh and recharge your team in New Jersey or New York City with premium, health-conscious beverages that will keep them fueled from 9-5 and beyond.

Cold Brew Coffee

Premium, locally-roasted New York City coffee steeped for 24 hours, resulting in a brew with more caffeine and less acidity.


The fermented probiotic beverage hailed for its health benefits. Lightly effervescent and sweet, a glass of kombucha a day can help you maintain peak immune health.

Cold Brew Tea

Slow-steeped in cold water to preserve the natural sweetness of the tea leaf. Mildly sweet and always refreshing, with 2x the antioxidants of hot-brewed tea.

Cold Brew Coffee

Essential Coffee Company

A beautiful, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee that is sweet, heavy, and chocolatey.

Wandering Bear

Using freshly-roasted 100% Arabica coffee, this cold brew is an exceptionally bold and highly-caffeinated coffee that’s great straight up or over ice, with milk or without, even hot.


A complete draft experience no longer requires a full bar or high-maintenance, gas-reliant kegerator system. Introducing a two-in-one Cold Brew on draft dispensing unit, serving Nitro and specialty cold brew drinks on tap.


GT’s Enlightened Gingerade Organic Raw Kombucha

Enjoy GT’s light and smooth formula with a unique blend of probiotics and powerful antioxidants.

Health Ade Kombucha

Hand-crafted in small batches using only the freshest organic and raw ingredients and fermented 100% in glass.

Cold Brew Tea: Evy Tea

Black Tea with Vanilla and Earl Grey:

The addition of vanilla accents the subtle flavors of this classic British black tea, complete with a signature hint of Bergamot orange.

Toasty Green Tea with Lemongrass:

Caramel-like roasted green tea blended with tropical lemongrass, this is a summertime love story light in caffeine and bursting with antioxidants.

White Tea with Chamomile and Lavender:

Earthy White Tea pairs perfectly with aromatic lavender and gentle chamomile. Crisp, refreshing, and totally thirst quenching.

Black Tea with Strawberry and Basil:

Silky Ceylon black tea combined with juicy strawberry and basil. Fruity and fun, this is an all-time EvyTea favorite.

Don’t know what you want? We’ll help you decide!