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Cold Brew Coffee

Corporate Essentials has teamed up with local New York City coffee roaster Irving Farm Coffee to create The Essential Coffee Company Cold Brew Program. The Essential Coffee Company’s cold brewing process uses custom-ground Irving Farm Gotham Dark Roast Coffee cold steeped overnight to produce a unique beverage for summertime or anytime.

After the brewing process is complete, our Cold Brew Coffee is kegged and stored in our cold storage area from where it’s delivered fresh to our customers. We use nitrogen in our kegerators to deliver a uniquely smooth coffee experience, whether it’s on the rocks or with cream and flavored syrup; our advice is simple – savor it.

Providing an in-office cold drink dispenser is just one of the ways that Corporate Essentials can help provide fuel for the thirsty work your colleagues are powering through daily.

New Age Beverages

As our understanding of health and wellness continues to change, our search for beverages that truly quench thirst evolves as well. Today’s workers often want more than a cool glass of fizzy soda or sparkling water – they come to the break room seeking nutrient-dense cold drinks that refresh and revitalize in amazing ways, including:

  • Coconut water – popular because of its high potassium, low-fat, low-sodium and lower sugar content.
  • Cold-pressed juices – renown for having richer flavors, as well as a vast array of micronutrients and live enzymes.
  • Energy drinks – from popular names like Sobe.
  • Probiotic beverages – kombucha, yogurt drinks and other delicious beverages laced with probiotics that can provide benefits ranging from better digestion to lower cholesterol.

Adding a selection of new and different healthy drinks to your cold beverage dispenser is a great way to provide alternatives to the typical options, catering both for health concerns and trends in beverage technology.

Ensuring workers’ refreshment needs are met with a wide variety of cold beverage options is a great way to foster a healthy, productive work environment for all.

Cold Drinks Boost Productivity

Dehydration is one of the top enemies of a productive workplace because without proper fluid intake, people can become irritable, feel sluggish, get a little light headed or even develop a nasty headache.

As a conscientious manager, it is clearly in your best interest to provide access to adequate hydration for your staff – but water lacks a certain degree of inspiration. Corporate Essentials can add some sparkle to your cold drink dispenser with national brands that are sure to please.

If your workforce craves more than soda, there’s a world of refreshments available for your cold beverage dispenser. From premium juices and popular teas, to industry-leading energy drinks and ordinary water,

Corporate Essentials makes keeping a well-stocked beverage bar for your staff simple. Selections are available in cans or bottles for your convenience. And, with offerings from truly modern, high-energy drinks like Red Bull to nostalgia-laden delights like Vintage Cherry Seltzer, there’s sure to be a drink to quench even the most discerning thirst.

Without the distraction of making a drink run to the local New Jersey market, your staff will be free to focus on the demands of their work.

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