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Corporate Essentials is a leading supplier of Cafection coffee brewing systems to offices in New Jersey, NYC, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Let us upgrade your break room from lacking to luxury.

The Total 1 system is designed to provide you and your employees with a premium, delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee every time. It also offers thousands of hot beverage options to meet the tastes of nearly every employee in your office.

With 3 cup sizes and 3 brew strengths, the Total 1 is ready to take on a large volume of employees. Both sleek and savvy with an array of delicious flavors, this brewing system is a force to be reckoned with.

We recommend the Total 1 system for offices of 100 employees or more and suggest adding some locally roasted coffee to the machine. With Irving Farm Coffee exclusive to Corporate Essential offices, you’ll always have the best local coffee in your cup.

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Convenient and compact, the Total Lite offers all the amenities of the Total 1, but is optimal for a smaller workforce. Featuring a 7” touch screen and a variety of specialty drinks, the innovative Total Lite brings the total package to the office.

Don’t worry about missing out on the features of the Total 1 system. You can still adjust your cup sizes, brew strength and drink choices with only the click of the button. The only thing the machine can’t do is refill the bean hoppers on command.

We recommend this brewing system for offices with more than 30 employees, but we’ve also seen it work wonders in offices with less people. Simply put, you’ll never be dissapointed by the cup of coffee you’ll get.

Learn more about the Cafection Total Lite Brewer >>

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