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De Jong Duke is well-known for great coffee brewing systems. Each one has its own way of producing a perfect, personalized cup. Allow us to provide your NJ, NYC, Manhattan or Brooklyn-based office with one of their brewers.

Adding this brewer to your office will transform your break room into a cafe. An LED touchscreen puts the user in complete control to create savory, full-bodied coffees every time with the Cafe Perkfection brewer from De Jong Duke.

With two hoppers for fresh coffee, one for ground decaf and three for powdered milk, french vanilla and chocolate allows you to have complete control over every cup you brew.

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The Nio brewer from De Jong Duke allows for a personalized, fresh-brewed cup of coffee. In about 60-seconds, this machine will produce any variety of coffee you want, and can make almost 150 drinks per day.

This whole-bean-to-cup brewer is operated without ever having to open the machine. With no-hassle maintenance, this brewing system will become your new in-office barista.

Learn more about the De Jong Duke Nio Brewer >>

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