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Bevi Water Filtration System

Bevi is paving the way for filtered water dispensing. Say good-bye to the water cooler you once knew and hello to Bevi. Keep every member of your team hydrated with a modern machine made for today’s office.

This sleek machine lets you customize your beverage with delicious flavors from unsweetened lime and mint to orange mango! Simply use the touchscreen on the machine to choose still or sparkling water and whatever flavor you’d like to include (if any). Bevi can pour more than 5 drinks per minute – talk about an efficient water filtration system!

To top it all, Bevi is incredibly sustainable. Using a Bevi machine will save plastic bottles and cans by the hundreds! This machine eliminates the transportation and cost of the bottled beverages you used to have delivered to your office. If you’re looking for a smart way to supply ample hydration to your employees, Bevi is the right choice for you!

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    Installation Dimensions: 61” h x 22” w x 22” d
    Voltage: 4 Amps
    Outlet: 100-240V

    • Add a variety of both sweetened and unsweetened flavors to your water.
    • Improve water quality with our filtration system, which removes over 99% of lead and 98% of chlorine from tap water.
    • Touchscreen for user to select their custom drink.
    • Bevi tracks when beverages run out or when a filter needs changing, and replace inventory proactively.
    • Low carbon footprint.

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