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La Marzocco works hard to make sure you are drinking top notch coffee. Let us provide you with delicious coffee at your New Jersey, Manhattan or Brooklyn based office every day of the week.

“Strada,” Italian for street, was named after the “street team” who helped to create this technologically advanced machine. Don’t worry though, you do not need to be a barista to make delicious tasting espresso with the Strada MP.

The “street team” was 30 of the world’s finest coffee professionals all brought together for one goal: the perfect espresso. What they created together is the ultimate office masterpiece.

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The GS/3 system proves that you don’t need to be a barista to make a great espresso. This is a commercial-grade espresso machine for your office. Within minutes you and your employees can be enjoying espresso without ever leaving the office.

With all of the built-in features all you need to do is grind, dose and tamp. Then the machine does the rest. You won’t find an easier way to get a cup of espresso in the office.

Learn more about the La Marzocco GS/3 System >>

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