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Great companies thrive on diversity.

Shouldn’t your snack selection?

Why Choose a Corporate Essentials Variety Box?

At Corporate Essentials, we understand your office’s snacking preferences are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive program that allows you to choose – get a regularly rotating variety of snacks, the freshest local fruit, or a combination of both!

Delicious & Healthier

We know it’s important for your New York City employees to have some healthy options to choose from – don’t worry, it’s our specialty. Our healthy (yet delicious!) snack and fruit varieties will promote a balanced lifestyle that is anything but bland and boring!

Convenient Delivery

We know how busy the work week can get which is why we prioritize convenience. At a frequency of your choosing, we’ll take care of delivering any of our variety boxes right to your office. Just open them up and reveal the delicious snacks and fruit inside!

Save Time & Money

You won’t have to spend time deciding what snacks and fruit you need to buy your employees. With about 12-14 varieties of snacks in each snack box, and varieties changing monthly, there’s something for everyone! When you sign up for a regular delivery for your New Jersey office, you can take advantage of our volume discounts as a thank you for your commitment.

Exciting New Fruit & Snacks Every Time

Each month we’ll curate a new variety of snacks in our snack box for constant discovery. And our fruit box selection changes regularly with the seasons, as our fruit is sourced directly from the farm. Craving a favorite from an old box? Give your Customer Care Representative a call anytime to place an order!

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Snack Boxes

Mini Snack Box


Want to surprise your employees with their favorite snacks delivered to their door or at their desks? Complete with 20-22 snacks per box, the Mini Snack Box is the perfect option. Our snack experts will curate a collection your team will love.

Mega Snack Box


Our snack boxes are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite snacks, while also discovering some new tasty treats! Each box contains 50 snacks, with just enough of each kind to share. We put a little something special in for everyone – whether you’re a health nut or a sweet tooth. And when you sign up for a regular delivery of our snack box, your office will also receive a snack rack to conveniently display its contents in your break room.

Snack Box


Set your employees up with enough of their favorite snacks to keep them fueled for the month! Complete with 25-30 snacks per box, the Snack Box is the perfect option to send to their homes or to keep at their desks. We’ll put our love for snacks to good use and create a selection that will help your team feel valued.

Seasonal & Themed Boxes


Celebrate your favorite holidays with one of our seasonal snack boxes! Our themed employee engagement boxes are a great way to recognize personal and professional milestones or to reward performance. Complete with 15-20 snacks along with a themed item to keep your team engaged, these are the perfect way to keep your team connected, wherever they are working!

Fruit AND snacks

delivered right

to my office? 

The Combo Box

You know what pairs perfectly with our snack box? Fruit! That’s why we’ve partnered with The FruitGuys to bring their exceptional quality mixed boxes to your office conveniently paired with our snack box!

Inside our combo box, you’ll recieve our full snack box, along with a tray of fruit that contains 25 servings – enough to satisfy every type of snacker in your office. Choose from our Harvest Fruit Mix and our Staples Fruit Mix to round out your selection.

And when you sign up for a regular delivery of our combo box, your office will also receive a rack to conveniently display its contents in your breakroom.


Mixed Fruit Boxes

Available in a variety of sizes from 16 servings all the way up to 50, our mixed fruit boxes in partnership with The FruitGuys, are available as organic or conventional.

Choose our Harvest Mix for our largest variety of fresh, seasonal fruit, or our Staples Mix for your office’s standard demands – apples, oranges, bananas and a seasonal fruit when available.

And when you sign up for a regular delivery of our boxes, your office will be eligible for volume discounts!

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