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When it comes to functionality and durability, Newco is your brand. When it comes to revamping your break room, turn to Corporate Essentials to provide you with premium coffee brewing services in New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

The CX3 is heads above the rest for the ideal hot beverage machine. The brewing system offers 98 delicious preset recipes for you to choose from, ranging from espresso to tea lattes. This machine’s high tech brewing process ensures that you are able to experience every flavor note.

It’s the next best thing to hiring a barista for the office. With each cup coming out in less than 60 seconds, you’re almost guaranteed to keep your employees happy and working hard.

Learn more about the Newco CX3 Barista Series Brewer >>

The innovative FreshCup 3 is the ultimate brewing system when it comes to an appealing aesthetic that is prepared for the rough-and-tumble nature of the workplace. Whether you’re looking for a hot beverage or iced coffee, the FreshCup 3 can serve whatever you need in style.

With five programmable recipes, employees with all different tastes can find their perfect cup of coffee. It’s also one of the most-sustainable single-cup brewers available.

Learn more about the Newco FreshCup 3 Brewer >>

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