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Staying hydrated is not always easy when you’re constantly busy and on the go. Fix this by bringing in a Vivereau water filtration system into your New Jersey, Manhattan or Brooklyn office to provide your employees with a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks and soda.

Vivreau’s VI-TAP Vi-2H has set the standard for luxury water taps everywhere. This is due in part to the fact that this water tap has the ability to dispense chilled, still, sparkling and boiling water from its tap with ease.

Medium sized offices are the perfect fit for this water tap. Don’t believe us? Allow this water tap to change the way your office stays hydrated today!

Learn more about the Vivreau VI-TAP Vi-2H >>

Thanks to Vivreau’s V3 Bottler, plastic water bottles have become obsolete. This environmentally friendly bottled table water with Vivreau’s exclusive reusable Designer bottles, dispenses unlimited quantities of purified filtered chilled, still and sparkling water.

Big office size? The Vivreau V3 Bottler can handle keeping the entire staff hydrated with ease. Let this high-performance water tap change your office, and your life, for the better today.

Learn more about the Vivreau V3 Bottler >>

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