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The Scanomat TopBrewer coffee system is an under-the-counter unit that allows the system to have a completely minimalistic look and feel. When a user approaches the system, all they see is the swan-neck faucet, a mounted iPad and a drain.

The TopBrewer system utilizes two separate grinders to be able to produce both café drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos; and also make the type of traditionally brewed coffee American’s know and love.

In addition to using real espresso in its café drinks, TopBrewer also uses real milk, frothed using the world’s smallest milk frother at the tip of the swan-neck faucet.

TopBrewer is controlled using the free iOS and Android TopBrewer app, which allows users to select and customize their favorite drinks using either an iPad mounted near the TopBrewer or their own device.

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Installation Dimensions: 9″ h X 21.02″ w X 26″ d
Packing Dimensions: 12.6″ h X 26″ w X 31.1″ d
Weight (Gross): 132.277 lbs
Voltage: 1 x 30 Amp, single phase, commando fitting
Water Supply: Direct, 3/4″ type shutoff valve
Bean/Carton Capacity: 60 cups

  • App-driven – iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • Built-in Bluetooth enabled wireless control.
  • World’s smallest milk foamer.
  • Coffee, Chocolate, Milk 7 Steam, Water (Carbonated, Cold and Hot.)
  • Low energy consumption (6 watt during standby.)
  • Dreg counter with alarm.
  • Automatic cleaning program.

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