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Kegco XCK-2460S

Cold brew coffee doesn’t have to only be for small offices. With the Kegco XCK-2460S, up to 250 employees can satisfy their coffee needs thanks to this machine’s space for 3 full-size kegs.

With the ability to mount two draft arms, this coffee (or beer) dispenser can be set up to dispense from 2-8 kegs at once. Forced air refrigeration keeps the coffee in the kegs ice cold and hoses direct cold air into each beer tower to ensure the line is cooled all the way to the faucet.

Although this is a pretty hefty sized machine, it’s extremely versatile and multi-functional. Users can use the adjustable shelves to take care of a variety of different wants and needs, such as cooling glasses, cans and bottles or dispensing out coffee/beer from the keg.

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    Model: 2448S
    Dimensions: 36″ h X 48.8″ w X 24.5″ d
    Weight: 315 lbs.
    Power: 120 V / 60 Hz
    Running AMPS: 6.4 A
    Operating Temperature: 31° – 41° F

    • Continuous cold air is channeled to the tower to ensure beer is dispensed ice cold.
    • Self-closing doors feature locks for added security and magnetic gaskets to provide a positive door seal.
    • Internal lighting conveniently illuminates the cabinet to make adjustments to your dispense system effortless.
    • Two knockouts allow you to mount your CO2 or nitrogen tank remotely.
    • ETL listed commercial-grade unit is 25% more energy efficient to save you money every month.

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