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About Cold Brew Coffee

You are curious about the undeniable trend you have seen everywhere this summer: Cold Brew Coffee. Why are people so enamored with it? And what’s the difference between cold brew coffee and the iced coffee I’ve been drinking for years?

While it’s a great, refreshing drink for summer, the smooth, balanced flavors of cold brew coffee are easily enjoyed year-round. You might be surprised at how smooth your cold brew coffee is the first time you taste it, and you’re not alone.

Many of the more “undesirable” coffee elements such as certain oils and fatty acids are only soluble under the presence of heat. These are the elements that contribute to the bitter, acidic taste that is generally associated with coffee (and the reason many of us add milk and/or sweetener to balance these flavors).

You’ll be able to see evidence of those broken-down oils and fatty acids swirling on the top of your hot cup. Cold brew coffee, on the other hand, is slow-steeped over cold water, resulting in a brew that is rich in flavor but low in acidity. The culprits of that familiar bitterness and acidity are left behind with the grinds.

Although it’s generally consumed cold, please don’t confuse cold brew coffee with iced coffee. Unless your iced coffee is made with cold-brew coffee, it has been brewed hot and then poured over ice. It still retains the same flavor compounds as hot coffee, the only difference being it is consumed cold.

About Our Cold Brew

Corporate Essentials debuted its cold brew coffee program in 2014 under its Essential Coffee Company brand. The project was over a year in the making, starting with perfecting the brewing process and culminating in partnering with a local roaster with strong connections and commitments to its coffee growers.

We truly believe what we put in effects what we are able to produce. This is why we use custom-ground, locally roasted, premium coffee for our Cold Brew, and brew in small-batches to control quality. We use nitrogen in our kegerators to deliver a uniquely smooth coffee experience.

About the Roaster

Essential Coffee Company’s cold brew coffee is brewed using freshly roasted Irving Farm Coffee Roaster’s Gotham Dark Roast Coffee. Gotham Dark Roast is a New York City favorite, full of dark menacing flavor enveloped in a soft smoke and slightly spicy finish.

David Elwell and Steve Leven opened their first neighborhood café in 1996 in Gramercy Park hoping to provide a space where people could gather and drink great coffee.

Fast-forward twenty years, and now Irving Farm is one of New York’s most beloved hometown roasters with seven cafés, a bustling wholesale business, the only SCAA-certified Training & Education Loft in NYC, a brand new Roastery & Tasting Room, and a green coffee buying program led by Dan Streetman that focuses on direct relationships with farmers, sustainable practices, and a philosophy of quality over quantity.

Cold Brew and Kegged Varietals

We don’t stop at cold brew coffee. Our cold brew options alongside our kegged cold beverage options are growing, so stay tuned for more Cold Brew drinks!

We recently began offering two varieties of Cold Brew Tea, as well as seasonal varietals. Contact a Corporate Essentials client consultant to see how you can add cold brew to your office refreshment solution and help your employees work happy.

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Lori Puri

Lori’s strong love of people and the diversity each individual brings to the table first struck her interest in marketing. After completing her MBA with concentrations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University, Lori has spent time building and growing brands. As Corporate Essentials’ Marketing Manager, Lori hopes to bring the company’s unique “Fuel Culture. Work Happy.” philosophy to the working world, and help companies attract and retain a passionate, balanced workforce.