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Waterlogic WL500

Who says that employees shouldn’t have the purest, best quality water out there? The makers behind the Waterlogic WL500 believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be hydrated, which is why they created a water filter that could suit every employee’s water preference.

Whether you prefer your water cold, extra hot or somewhere in between, the Waterlogic WL500 has you covered – including the option for sparking water! Another bonus of this water filter is that you’ll never have to stress about cleaning up afterwards. Thanks to its UV Sensor and Drip Tray Alarm, you’ll always have peace of mind when it comes to cleaning.

Experience the taste of the highest quality of water with the Waterlogic WL500.

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    Tower Dimensions: 17”w x 50”h x 17.75”d
    Coutertop Dimensions: 17”w x 18.75”h x 17.75”d
    Tower Weight: 104 lbs
    Counter Top Weight: 35 lbs
    Dispense Area Height: 6.75”
    Standard Filtration Supplied: 1 x Carbon Block (CBC)
    Cold Capacity: 2 liters
    Hot Capacity: 1.5 liters
    Compressor: 120v / 60Hz compressor
    Water Temperatures: Cold: 41ºF | Hot: 189ºF | Extra Hot: 203ºF
    Additional Features: UV indicator, Filter timer, Sleep mode, Fully programmable

    • Water Options: Cold, Hot, Extra Hot, Sparkling
    • Sparkling Water Option – Available on this model only
    • Double Integral Cup Dispenser
    • Digital Display with 3 language settings
    • UV Sensor and Drip Tray Alarm for Peace of Mind
    • Sleep mode to save energy
    • Infused with Biocote, a natural anti-microbial that inhibits the growth of germs, providing a permanent layer of hygienic defense

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