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Waterlogic WL100

Small offices have big needs. Especially when it comes to water. The Waterlogic WL100 is the perfect sized water cooler to cater to your small office’s needs. Because of its simple design, offices around the country have been able to enjoy this water cooler without having to worry about stressful maintenance.

This water cooler system connects directly to your building’s water supply and purifies water upon dispense to provide an unlimited supply of the best in chilled, hot and ambient water for the entire office.

Space is never an issue for the Waterlogic WL100 either as it could be used on a countertop or as a freestanding model by itself. Keeping hydrated has never been so easy.

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    Tower Dimensions: 14.5″d X 13.75″w X 40.25″h
    Coutertop Dimensions: 14.5″d X 13.75″w X 17.75″h
    Dispense Area High: 8.5″
    Weight: Tower: 46 lbs / Countertop: 36 lbs
    Recommended Filtration: 
    – 1 X Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
    – 1 X Carbon Block (CBC)
    – 1 X Carbon Block (CBC)
    Capacity: Hot Tank: 1.6L / Cold Tank: 2.0L
    Additional Features: Sleep Mode, Hot Water Safety Feature, Removable High Capacity Drip Tray
    Compressor: 120 V / 60 HZ compressor
    Water Temperature: Cold: 36-54°F / Hot 189°F

    • BPA Free and better for the enivornment.
    • Recessed faucet to prevent contamination.
    • BioCote Antimicrobial Protection.
    • Ideal Capacity for small workplaces.
    • WQA/NSF 42 and 53 Certified Carbon Filtration is recommended.
    • Unlimited hot, cold and ambient water options.
    • Easy connection to your existing water supply.
    • Tower and Countertop options to suit any work space.
    • Robust components for reliable performance.
    • Programmable hot tank can be disabled to provide ambient water.
    • Sleep mode to conserve energy.

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