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The Starbucks Serenade Bean-to-Cup has the ability to serve up to 50 8oz cups in an hour. Its 17” touch screen facilitates customer experience by providing customer payment options and listing the variety of Starbucks Roast Spectrum options. 

Its interactive interface is designed to elevate your experience with ease to bring you simple recipes and self-serve convenience. Among its great futures are two 5lb Hoppers, one alb Whole Bean Hopper, and two 5lb Powder Hoppers.

The Starbucks Serenade Bean-to-Cup will truly meet customer needs with quality, variety, and remarkable experience. 

Dimensions: 20.1”W x 23”D x 40.0”H
Weight: 120 lbs.
Electrical: 120 v, 60 hz, 14.2 amps

  • Ideal for offices with 30 or more employees.
  • Water plumber filtered.
  • 4 types of servings to choose from
  •  Touch screen with customer payment option
  • Compatible with wireless or ethernet communications

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