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The beauty of the Newco CX3 Touch – Barista Series is in the name, it’s the next best thing to hiring an in-office barista. Your employees have endless options when it comes to their perfect cup of coffee.

Freshly ground coffee is filtered through paper instead of plastic in this brewing system, so the extraction process is optimized by allowing mouthwatering aromas and delightful tastes to pass through your cup.

With 98 preset recipes from mochaccinos to hot tea to choose from, this brewer possesses the ability to appease even the most particular of coffee drinkers. Plus, multiple brewing strengths and a variety of cup sizes make each recipe unique.

With multiple brewing strengths and various cup sizes, you can customize your hot beverage to your liking. At 60 seconds per brew, this fast and easy machine is the ultimate choice. Adding this brewing system to your office is a surefire way to keep your employees satisfied and working hard.

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    Dimensions: 19.4″w x 17.8”h x 19.3”d
    Weight: 90 lbs.
    Voltage: 120VAC

    • Includes 98 preset recipes.
    • 9 automatic recipe buttons.
    • Pods are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
    • 1 cup per brew.
    • 1 minute brewing time.
    • Also offers hot chocolate, hot tea, tea lattes and shots of milk.

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