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Office Coffee Machine - NYC, Manhattan & Brooklyn

The CBS-2051e brewer from Fetco is the surefire way to produce a perfect cup of coffee every single time. Even the most particular of coffee drinkers will find satisfaction in each cup they brew.

The Pulse-Brew System delivers intermittent shots of water to ensure a flavorful, consistent brew every time. The Pre-Wet Cycle gives the brewer complete control over water-coffee contact to determine the flavor. These features combined help make a cup of coffee that any connoisseur would enjoy.

A digital interface makes the brewer user-friendly and easy to program. Plus, brew time and temperature is programmable to ensure you’re making the perfect cup every time.

Brew time and volume can be programmed separately for each batch to make sure its just to your liking. All of the personalized features and options on this brewing system make it the perfect addition to your break room.

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    Dimensions: 12.75″w x 37.25″h x 20.1″d
    Weight: 59 lbs.
    Voltage: 120V

    • 1 cup size (8 oz).
    • Ideal for small offices.
    • Energy savings mode allows for a automatic turn off is the machine is left on.

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