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Ditting Office Coffee Grinder - NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan

If your office drinks a lot of coffee and needs a compact and durable grinder, look no further than the KF804 by Ditting. This high-powered machine will ensure that you are never running low on coffee grounds for your brewer.

The KF804 Grinder is valued for its impressive functionality and reliability. This machine is easy to clean and use, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee without any inconvenience.

With minimal coffee particles left behind and specially developed motors, the KF804 Grinder was built to make your coffee experience easier. This machine is convenient when flavored coffee beans are being used since they require more frequent and thorough cleaning.

The KF804 Grinder’s small dimensions and versatile design make it a must-have for any sized office space. Use it to ensure you never run out of fresh coffee for your employees.

    Weight: 55 lbs. empty
    Dimensions: 9.5″w x 24.5″h 11″d
    Power: 110-120V
    Color: Black

    • Wear-resistant grinding discs.
    • Gentle and cool grinding from specially sharpened discs.

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