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Bunn Water Tower - NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Not everyone wants coffee at the office, so the Bunn 5-Gallon Element Hot Water Dispenser is the perfect alternative.

With this dispenser, employees can choose from thousands of drink options. From instant coffee to tea, all tastes are satisfied with this machine.

Plus, the water stays hot so the gratification is instant, which means breaks will be quick, but your employees will be rejuvenated from their warm beverage.

Add a hot water dispenser to your office and stop fretting about long coffee breaks or missed productivity. Satisfy your employees in the comfort of your break room by providing them with a plethora of beverage options.

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    Dimensions: 7.4”w x 28.5”h x 17.6”d
    Weight: 32 lbs.
    Power: 15.4 Amps Max Draw
    Voltage: 120V

    • Digital thermostat located on the dispenser.
    • LED screen display makes adjusting temperature easy.
    • Energy saver mode reduces temperature during idle periods.
    • Thinsulate technology tank insulation for increased energy efficiency.

    Don't believe us? Try our coffee for yourself.
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