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Bunn Trifecta Office Coffee - NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

The Bunn Trifecta single-cup brewer is a great option for small offices who need a compact machine that still delivers delicious, perfectly-brewed coffee every time.

A dynamic three-step brewing process of wetting, extraction and hydrolysis ensures you’ll receive a consistent brew every time you use it. The system begins by saturating the coffee grounds, it then moves enters the extraction process where controlled air is injected into the brew chamber, agitating the coffee at just the right time.

Finally, in the hydrolysis process, air presses the beverage through a screen that filters the coffee to maintain oils and aromas for a unique, deep-bodied cup of coffee.

This brewing system comes in three different colors and is an excellent option for an office of discerning coffee drinkers. Add it to your break room to ensure your employees are satisfied with their coffee break, every time.

    Dimensions: 11.89″w x 26.73″h x 11.87″d
    Weight: 41.7 lbs. empty
    Voltage: 120V

    • A three-step brewing process to create a perfect brew every time.
    • One cup size available.
    • Ideal for small offices of about 10 people.

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