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Bunn AutoPod

The Autopod Brewer by Bunn will bring your break room to a whole new level. Employees will be in and out refilling coffee quickly and with ease, streamlining your offices breaks.

An innovative, digital display screen makes the experience of designing the perfect cup of coffee user-friendly. The unique pod-holder makes this machine adaptable to use with a variety of different pods, not limiting you to just one brand.

Two choices of cup sizes make this machine great for an office full of people with different desires and needs for their caffeine fix. Plus, automatic disposal of used pods make cleanup after each cup virtually hands-free.

The Autopod Brewer is the ultimate choice for an office full of employees who desire endless options for their perfect cup. Between the user-friendly interface and the varieties available, it is a great addition to any break room.

The Autopod Brewer is also among the most-sustainable of the single-cup brewing solutions available. The pods used in brewing are 100% biodegradable making it a “greener” choice than many of the other one-cup systems on the market today.

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Dimensions: 9.7”w x 15.8”h x 15.2”d
Weight: 29.5 lbs.

  • Automatic disposal of used pods; removable bin holds up to 25 pods.
  • Digital display with two language programming capability.
  • Energy-saving mode to keep your office running efficiently.
  • Works with a variety of different pods, not just one brands.
  • Two sizes of mugs available.

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