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Adding a single-cup coffee maker to your New York, Manhattan or New Jersey-based office is the only way to provide a huge variety of fresh, delicious beverage options and sizes.

When it comes to creating the perfect single-serve cup of coffee, the key lies in finding a single-cup coffee maker to fit your needs. Whether your office has 10 employees or 100 employees, there is a brewing system out there to satisfy everyone. At an average brew time of about 60 seconds per cup, you can be sure the coffee breaks are short and everyone will leave feeling rejuvenated.

One major highlight of single-cup coffee makers are their low maintenance and user-friendly features. Many of the single-cup brewers we offer are equipped with self-cleaning or semi-automatic cleaning capabilities. This means less time maintaining, and more time drinking fresh, aromatic coffee.

Plus, every machine we offer comes with step-by-step directions; many of them are printed right on the machine. Equip your office, hotel or business with a single-cup coffee maker to provide all users with a one-touch solution to sensational coffee.

Redefining full-service coffee providers.

Bunn is your go-to brand when it comes to reliability, experience and service. This company offers everything an office could need to provide employees with a plethora of hot beverage choices. And their single-cup coffee makers are no different; they have revamped and innovated to create high-powered and durable systems.

Whether a variety of flavors is vital or promptness is key, their single-cup coffee makers are made to please. The Autopod Brewer allows for thousands of options of pods and capsules to produce a perfectly unique cup, while the Trifecta Brewer uses a special process to create a consistent cup every time, you’ll find what you need from Bunn.

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Coffee + perfection. Literally.

Cafection single-cup coffee makers will bring the coffee shop experience into your break room. For over 20 years, this company has strived to create innovative and high-powered coffee brewers that are the perfect addition to any business or office. Equipped with modern technology, these brewers produce a unique and flavor-packed beverage every time.

Depending on your needs, the Total1 or the Total Lite are both excellent options for single-cup coffee makers. With endless functions ranging from varied cup sizes and brew strengths, to coming equipped with a frother, these machines will become the staple of your break room.

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Quality AND quantity. Does it get better?

This brand of coffee equipment is well versed in satisfying their users with a perfect cup of unique and flavor-packed coffee every time. A Dutch company, they know what goes into creating full-bodied brews for your office to enjoy. Your employees will never be disappointed with their single-cup coffee makers.

We offer two popular options from De Jong Duke, the Cafe Perkfection and the Nio brewing systems. The beauty of the Perkfection brewer is in the name, coffee and perfection. The Nio has an output of almost 150 cups per day. These single-cup brewers will transform your break room into a personalized coffee paradise.

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Premium, aromatic and delicious single-serve coffee.

Keurig® brand coffee makers are the first and most reliable line of single-cup coffee makers. Depending on your office or business size and needs, there are a variety of options to choose from.

For fewer users who still desire variety, the K130 and the K145 OfficePRO are excellent choices. For larger offices who want even more options, the K3000SE single-serve machine is the ultimate choice. For a brand you can trust and rely on to serve delicious coffee every time, choose Keurig®.

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Brewing mouthwatering scents in your office for four decades.

For over 40 years, Newco has been crafting and brewing delectable options of beverage systems for businesses and offices. We offer two of their most popular options in single-cup coffee makers that provide varieties to suit every taste in a large office.

Their CX-3 and FreshCup 3 options are two high-powered and durable single-cup coffee makers they manufacture. Both utilize coffee pods that brew inside the machine to produce personalized and delectable cups of coffee every time. From espresso to coffee and hot water to tea, everyone will be able to find their perfect beverage from this machine.

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The ultimate choice in high-end, personalized coffee.

Starbucks has become a household name when it comes to coffee; their brand completely redefined what it means to provide a personalized beverage. Quick brew times, two cup sizes and a plethora of flavors and varieties give the single-cup coffee makers from Starbucks an excellent choice.

Adding a Starbucks Interactive Cup Digital Brewer is like hiring an in-office barista for your break room. It is digital, sleek and hassle-free. Plus, it produces a unique beverage made-to-order every time. This single-cup coffee maker will never disappoint.

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