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The Nio from de Jong DUKE is the perfect addition to any break room. With the potential to make more than 150 drinks each day your employees will stay happy all day long.

This whole-bean-to-cup brewer is operated without having to open the machine, and its functional LED lights make the machine user-friendly. Plus, a hot, fresh cup of coffee brews in about 60 seconds, making breaks fast.

The machine is hassle free and a necessary aspect of your break room. Filling and cleaning can be done from outside the machine, which makes the maintenance and upkeep of the machine simple.

Enhance the experience of the Nio Brewer by adding locally roasted coffee from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, exclusively available for offices from Corporate Essentials.

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    Model: Nio.
    Color: Stainless Steel/Black.
    Dimensions: 21.3″(d) X 18.1″(w) X 23.6″(h).
    Capacity: 150+ drinks per day.
    Plug Type: 2-Wire Plus Ground.
    Weight: 77.2 lbs.
    Cord Attached: Yes.
    Office size: 30+ Employees.

    • CoEx®-Brewer & Whole Bean Grinder.
    • Touch Screen Keyboard for the easy programming of cup sizes, brew strengths, product settings and the modification of beverage names.
    • Simplicity allows you to chose a complete menu of coffee at your fingertips.
    • Quality Coffee is always fresh, made consistently every time. Everything from whole bean coffees to long espressos.
    •  NSF Certified means this brewer has passed extensive testing and analysis from the National Sanitation Foundation.
    • Convenience means no pre-measuring and no messy filters or spilled grounds to clean up.

    Don't believe us? Try our coffee for yourself.
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