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Kegco XCK-2448S

The Kegco XCK-2448S can take the pressure of supplying large offices with their daily dose of cold brew coffee like a champ. These kegerators are the ideal coffee (or beer) dispensers for small pubs, bars, restaurants and events since they can serve 100+ people at a time using 5 gallon kegs.

Force air refrigeration keeps the coffee or beer in the kegs iced cold and blowers route the cool air into the internal tower to ensure not a drop is wasted.

This coffee/beer dispenser includes two heavy duty shelves that can easy be adjusted depending on what the user needs at that moment. Users can keep cans, bottles and mugs cool and frosty on one shelf while dispensing liquids from the keg on the other side.

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    • Model: 2448S
    • Dimensions: 36″h X 48.8″ w X 24.5″ d
    • Weight: 315 lbs.
    • Power: 120 V / 60 Hz
    • Running AMPS: 6.4 A
    • Operating Temperature: 31° – 41° F
    • Hoses inside the cabinet direct cool air into the draft arm and drain beer from the built-in drip tray to an external drain.
    • Self-closing doors feature locks for added security and magnetic gaskets provide positive door sealing.
    • Internal light conveniently illuminates the cabinet to make adjustments to your dispense system effortless.
    • Two knockouts allow you to remotely mount your CO2 or Nitrogen tank.

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