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Cold Brew Office Coffee - NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

If you are an iced-coffee drinker, look no further. The K209SS-1 Cold Brew Kegerator is great for those who are looking to drink a fresh, cold brew coffee without having to run to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

The ready to drink cold brew coffee is made available in 5-gallon kegs on tap. Each batch is brewed overnight and then filled by the keg so you can enjoy it the next morning.

This versatile high-quality Kegerator comes complete with all the equipment you’ll need to dispense a store bought keg of cold, fresh-tasting draft beer, and includes two adjustable storage shelves that allow it to be easy converted into a regular all-refrigerator.

It’s impressive interior capacity can accommodate a full-size 1/2 barrel keg along with the dispense system, or store cases of your favorite cold beverages.

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    Model: K209SS-1
    : 33″H x 23.7″W x 24″D
    Weight: 97 lbs. empty
    Power: 115V / 60Hz
    Running Amps: 2.3A
    Operating Temperature: 34°F – 45°F
    Capacity: One Full-Size Keg, or One Pony Keg or, One Quarter Slim Keg, or Up to Two Gallon Commercial Kegs, or Up to Three 5-Gallon *Cornelius Home Brew Kegs

    • Black Cabinet with Stainless Steel Door
    • Removable Drip Tray with Grill to collect your spills
    • Easy-roll casters allow for mobility
    • Chrome Guard Rail keeps your glass and mugs from sliding off
    • Stainless Steel Interior Floor Mat provides long-lasting durability and makes beer kegs easier to move
    • Includes two full width wire shelves and a hole plug that allows you to convert the keg fridge into an all-fridge
    • Temperature is kept in 35°F-42°F range using thermostatic temperature control
    • Adjustable mechanical temperature control can be easily accessed at the back of the kegerator
    • Plugs into a standard home outlet
    • Holds 1/2 barrels, full size kegs (15.5 gallon), 1/4 barrels, ponies (7.75 gallon), and 1/6 barrels (5 gallon)
    • 33″ height, 23-11/16″ width, and 23-15/16″ depth
    • CSA Listed
    • Chrome-Plated 3″ Diameter Metal Draft Tower
    • D System Keg Coupler with Lever-Handle (Can Tap All Domestic Kegs)
    • 5/16 Inch I.D. Blue Air Line Assembly – 5 feet with 2 Snap Clamps
    • Single Gauge Co2 Regulator / New aluminum 5lb CO2 Cylinder

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