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Interpure Water Filtration Office Water - NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

The Interpure 2 machines are the sleek, compact way to provide your employees with pure, fresh drinking water all day long. The same machine is offered in a floor standing model or countertop model – both carry the same innovative features.

The multi-stage Interpure process removes bacteria, organic chemicals and sediment from water before serving it to your employees. All while greatly reducing the environmental impact of drinking bottled water.

The countertop system is perfect for any break room. It provides both cold and hot filtered water, providing drinkers with a variety of options of beverages, not just water. Its maintenance access allows for easy filter changes and cleaning.

Providing your office with pure drinking water is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy environment. Make this the newest addition to your break room today, your employees will thank you.

    Dimensions: 13.0″w x 44.7″h x 14.66″d (Freestanding)
    Weight: 52 lbs. empty
    Voltage: 120VAC

    Dimensions: 13.0″w x 17.25″h x 14.66″d (Countertop)
    Weight: 37.5 lbs. empty
    Voltage: 120VAC

    • Direct-water-line plumbing necessary.
    • Temperature control features.

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