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Companies throughout the greater NY metro market—from northern NJ to the five boroughs of NYC—are bringing employees back to the office in greater numbers. One way to keep your team happy and fueled throughout the work day is through a micro market or pantry service.

Micro markets and office pantries are somewhat similar—especially when set up, stocked, and attended by Corporate Essentials.

“Establishing a micro market or a fully stocked office pantry are both ways to elevate the office break room,” said Judson Kleinman, CEO of Corporate Essentials. “The break room has always been integral to the success of many of our NY area clients, and providing great coffee and food has always been important. But today, elevating the break room with full pantry service has become even more important.”

Pantry Service for NY and NJ Businesses

The pantry service from Corporate Essentials creates an up-leveled break room. It’s a white glove service that enables employers to offer a selection of beverages, snacks, and light meal items to employees (at no cost to your team). We can provide a customized pantry list from hundreds of products we stock for our NY and NJ clients.

Corporate Essentials provides an attendant to you who comes in on a regular basis to take inventory, stock your office pantry, and manage your monthly pantry budget. Your attendant will always make sure that everything looks appealing and easy to find, so your employees will gravitate towards it and select what they want.  

“Corporate Essentials service goes beyond just ordering products. We make sure you have the right product at the right time and that it’s displayed well,” added Judson.

Your office pantry can offer bulk products in individual sanitized containers, such as cereals, nuts, and bulk candies; individually packed snacks your team craves, such as gourmet chips, crackers, and cookies as well as fresh fruit; and in addition to delicious coffees, we can provide a wide variety of cold beverages and other products that go in a cooler. Popular pantry service items in NY and NJ coolers are bagels and breads (individually wrapped) with peanut butter & jelly, cream cheese, sandwich meats, and cheeses available for make-your-own sandwiches.  

Micro markets for NY and NJ locations

If you’ve been to an updated airport terminal lately, you’ve seen and likely used a micro market. This open-style setup has shelves for all the nonperishable snacks and coolers for cold beverages, salads, grab & go meals, healthy snacks, and sandwiches that require refrigeration. With the Corporate Essentials Marketplace & Cafe, employees can enjoy yogurt and fruit, cheese and crackers, lunch entrees, and freshly made and individually packaged salads and sandwiches. Think of the micro market as a place for them to grab a meal as well as a quick refreshment.

A micro market also enables you to cater to your team’s dietary preferences or needs. For example, some of the New York and New Jersey companies we serve request gluten-free and vegetarian options for their employees, or a selection of dairy-free beverages or snacks.

“Because of our longstanding relationships in the food service industry, as well as having our own in-house culinary team for workplace dining, Corporate Essentials is able to accommodate any need you have to feed your employees, with an extensive selection that fits your team’s needs and preferences,” said Judson. “We customize the best approach to help our clients bring people back into the office.”

Although some employers may choose to offer a micro market at no cost to employees, it is usually a vending/pay arrangement. In addition to your attendant who will keep the micro market stocked and well organized, Corporate Essentials will install a self-checkout kiosk for the ultimate convenience. Your employees don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy a fresh meal, delicious snack, and refreshing beverage. 

Contact Corporate Essentials to start serving a great experience

Corporate Essentials is the leading provider of pantry service and micro markets in the New York metropolitan area, and we have been a leader in providing expert office coffee and break room services since 1996. Call us at (973) 402-1088 to discuss bringing a better office break room experience to your team in Manhattan, NYC, and New Jersey.

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Judson Kleinman

As the founder and CEO of Corporate Essentials, Judson set out with every intention of bringing a new meaning to the words "office culture". As leaders in the industry, his company constantly sets the bar by investing in, and improving their product offerings, technology, people and training. 20 years and 1500 clients later, Judson can proudly say that Corporate Essentials continues to positively fuel culture and allow over 150,000 employees to work happy.