Corporate Essentials has been a leading office refreshment provider in NJ and NYC for almost two decades.
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Great Office Coffee - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Office Refreshment

We dedicate ourselves to finding the best ingredients and  the most innovative technologies to ensure that employee well-being is a priority. From premium refreshments to break room design, every last detail will fit your office culture.

Commercial Coffee Service - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Coffee Service

Beverage needs depend on the number of employees, size of break room and staff desires. We offer a wide selection of single-cup coffee makers, traditional brewers and espresso machines to cater to the needs of any office or business.

Local Coffee Roaster - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Local Coffee Service

In addition to brand-name, we also offer the comfort of fresh, locally grown roasts. We partner with local coffee brands to provide you with delectable flavors as well as position you as a strong community member.

Water Delivery Office Service - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Water Service

We understand that a ready supply of caffeine is vital to the productivity of your workplace, but keeping your employees hydrated needs to be a priority. We provide a water solution system that best fits the needs of your office.

OFfice Tea Makers - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Tea Service

Coffee services are necessary to running a smooth operation, but giving your employees access to an office tea maker ensures satisfaction. We provide fresh, flavorful teas to add some variety to your break room selection.

Healthy Snacks for Office - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Healthy Snacks

Our vast selection of nutritious snacks empowers your employees to make healthy eating choices throughout the work day. Don’t eliminate snacking from your day-to-day activities. Enjoy treats that also pack a healthy punch.

Office Breakroom Supplies - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Break Room Supplies

Rest assured that your pantry will be stocked with commercial cleaning supplies, paper goods and utensils. We understand that you have a lot on your plate, so let us take care of the details.

Office Design - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Break Room Design

Let us help you design the ultimate break room to fit your office culture. We maximize comfort, functionality and custom styling to create a space in your office that your employees actually want to go to.

Office coffee service review

"Corporate Essentials is reliable and has a very friendly staff that always delivers. They're great at setup while providing all the necessities to cater to the demands of a large office. The excellence Corporate Essentials offers its customers is outstanding and I highly recommend them."

- John Petras US Office Manger, Spotify

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