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By combining modern technology and innovation with traditional European taste, a contemporary espresso machine will be the focal point of your New York City, Manhattan or New Jersey office.

The extra blast of caffeine in these beverages will ensure that workplace productivity skyrockets, and employee happiness remains at an all-time high. Between espresso shots and cappuccinos, these office espresso machines provide a variety of beverages that will satisfy every discerning taste in your office.

All of the machines we offer for office espresso services are from European brands that have extensive experience in crafting the perfect espresso beverage.

State of the art technology ensures that once you put this machine in the break room, you won’t have to do much else. Self-cleaning functions and self-replenishing systems ensure that your brewer is always clean and always stocked. Modernize your office with an up-to-date office espresso machine.

For beverages with flair.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional espresso equipment, Franke Coffee Systems provide only the most durable and high-tech machines to create espresso solutions for your office break room. These machines operate as mini-cafes, actually in your office. They provide countless options of espresso beverages that your employees are sure to appreciate.

Corporate Essentials provides the popular Flair espresso machine to offices across the area. It is the ideal machine for offices who need a smaller solution that performs at an industrial rate. The Flair boasts a number of innovations and beverage recipes to ensure that every taste is satisfied.

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Delicious distinction in every sip.

With over 85 years experience in crafting espresso, La Marzocco is a reliable option when it comes to choosing the perfect in-office espresso machine for your business. Their manufactured machines are among the finest in the professional-grade espresso maker industry. The brand prides itself on their unique philosophy, distinct heritage and Italian design.

At Corporate Essentials, we provide office espresso services with two machines made by La Marzocco, the GS/3 and the Strada MP. Both machines have made names for themselves as durable systems that provide high-quality, flavor-packed espresso beverages with virtually no effort involved. Adding one of them to your break room is a decision you won’t regret, and one that your employees will appreciate.

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European excellence gets a modern makeover.

Nespresso is the ultimate brand name in modern espresso brewing technology. Sleek and state of the art, each machine they manufacture boasts its own specialized features and functions that make it stand out among other espresso brewers in its class. Adding an office espresso machine from Nespresso to your break room will provide your employees with high-quality espresso beverages at the touch of a button.

The Zenius and Aguila espresso brewer models both come equipped with high-tech intelligence and systems that ensure each shot of espresso, latte or cappuccino comes out packed with flavor and heat. The European designs combined with modern technology make these machines excellent options for any office.

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From lattes to mochaccinos, steamed milk to shots of espresso, each machine we offer functions specifically to create delectable, full-bodied beverages.

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