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Franke Flair Coffee Machine - NJ, NYC, Manhattan

The Franke Flair model is the ultimate brewing system for a small group of discerning coffee drinkers. With multiple gourmet beverage options, everyone is sure to be satisfied.

Coffee breaks are a cinch with this brewer. Eight (8) programmable beverage buttons ranging from cappuccinos to lattes, makes it easy for all of your employees to find their perfect cup of fresh, hot coffee.

An illuminated LCD display and adjustable height dispenser make this machine durable, user-friendly and gives it an ability to produce any size coffee the user could desire. Plus, an automatic cleaning and rinsing cycle makes it low-maintenance.

Add this brewing system to your break room to ensure all of your employees are satisfied on each coffee break, and return to their desk feeling rejuvenated.

    Dimensions: 17″w x 20″h x 20″d
    Weight: 40 lbs. empty
    Power: 1300 Watts
    Voltage: 110-120 V

    • Side water tank with 1.3 gallon capacity, or optional plumbing water connection.
    • Espresso, cappuccino and latte options available.
    • Milkmate add-on available to provide hot or steaming milk.

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