No matter how strong the day begins, there’s going to be a time when productivity levels in the office begin to dwindle. If you find yourself dozing off upon sitting at a desk, these tips (and a good night’s sleep!) may be able to improve productivity at work.


Fuel the Team


Imagine today is Wednesday, also known as Hump Day. You’re sitting at your desk. Glancing up at the clock on the wall, it reads 10:30 a.m. There are still two hours left until lunch, and you forgot to eat breakfast this morning. Your stomach grumbles for the fifth time in the past three minutes. Obviously, you’re super hungry. What are your options?

If you answered, “I guess I’ll starve,” we have good news! It doesn’t need to come to that.

There’s a number of great snacks that can make the wait for lunch easier. Healthy, nutritious snacks are good picks due to their long-lasting energy. No need to associate the word “healthy” with “bad-tasting,” because Corporate Essentials has many options that are delicious and good for you! Avoid the added fillers that leave you feeling groggy or in a slump; we stock snacks that contain fiber, protein and clean, recognizable ingredients which help you stay awake and ready for the day.

With such a large variety of snack choices available, where does one start their search? We recommend taking a look at the featured items found in previous monthly Snack Boxes offered by Corporate Essentials. The Snack Box provides a constant, monthly discovery of great options.

If you find yourself frequently dealing with a serious case of midday stomach-grumbling while waiting for the next full meal, or just want to try exciting snack alternatives, the hand-picked items inside a snack box may be just what you need. Or, if you already know which kinds of snacks you’d like to stock your break room with, our team of experts can work with you to discover the best snack delivery method for your office.


Organize Thoughts and Plan


When multiple projects pile up on your desk at once, it can be all-too-easy to feel overwhelmed. The most important advice to take away from this is to avoid multitasking! Consider which assignment needs to be completed first. Separate the projects that are due soon, and focus on completing them before moving to the next, ideally one at a time. It may seem like obvious information, but it’s amazing how planning and organization can make seemingly-insurmountable challenges achievable.

If a majority of your work is on paper, separate each assignment by its level of immediate importance. The projects that don’t need your attention at the moment can be placed to the side and focused on later.

Alternatively, if you rely on a computer for finishing assignments, consider grabbing a sticky note and record a numbered list of the projects that need taken care of, starting with most to least urgent. Even if all of your work is digital, a physical object that acts as a reminder can be helpful for keeping track of progress.


Congratulate Yourself


When you complete an assignment, what do you feel? Happiness? Satisfaction? Relief? If it’s none of these thoughts, there’s a chance you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. Making progress becomes its own reward when there’s a guaranteed feeling of satisfaction at “the end of the tunnel,” so to speak. Remember that the work you’re doing is beneficial for your company’s growth. Every member on the team contributes in one way or another, and the business wouldn’t be the same without each individual’s input. That includes you!


Offer a Different Perspective


Everyone on the team can have a personal take on how they would tackle an assignment. If you notice a coworker is having trouble with their work, perhaps they would appreciate a bit of advice! Approaching the challenge with a new set of eyes may reveal a previously unknown answer. Of course, remember to ask for approval before sharing your input! Which brings us to our next point…


Skill Diversity is Beneficial to Problem-Solving


The skill diversity of team members can be beneficial for multiple reasons. If one person can’t find the solution to a problem, consulting the aid of someone else can be helpful. Being open to feedback is generally a good idea. Even hearing out advice from those who don’t work in your immediate area or outside of your department can widen the thinking process. After all, people grow up in all sorts of unique environments with vastly different life experiences. It can only be expected that other minds bring unique ideas to the table.

Many of us interact with very different people, in terms of their interests or skill sets, on a daily basis. The reason our lives contain the many things that we use every day is a result of contrasting ideas working together to produce beneficial results. As an example, the cars that we drive today contain a countless number of safety features that simply weren’t included in early-era automobiles. These safety measures are the result of numerous minds working together to create safer vehicles; minds that almost assuredly had opposing beliefs on how to improve their product, but utilized teamwork and critical thinking to come to a solution. Embracing different ideas and integrating the best ones is key to moving a business forward.


Use the Break Room


The quality of a workplace break room can make all the difference in employee satisfaction. Supplying co-workers with coffee, snacks and space to enjoy lunch reinforces that both their well-being and hard work is appreciated. The break room should be an area that employees are proud of.

Not many people are capable of working eight-plus hours non-stop; we just aren’t wired that way. Taking a break is vital to producing good work!


Get Up, Get Out There


If you find yourself feeling drowsy during work, some midday exercise can do wonders for productivity! We’re not saying you should start running sprints around the office, but basic exercises like stretches or a short walk around the building are good places to start. These are easy activities that can break up the pace of the day and inspire stronger work.

Even better, if you have time before work, an early-morning run can reinvigorate your spirit and start the day on a strong note. Now, the only question is finding the motivation needed to do this before heading to the office…


Drink Plenty of Water


With the seemingly endless number of drink choices we have at our disposal, it can be easy to overlook the simple joy found in drinking a plain glass of water. It’s the perfect refreshment for any time of day. You’ve probably heard about a few of the health benefits associated with drinking water, but there are so many more; some of which are highlighted by Organic Facts.

Staying hydrated has a considerable impact on energy levels and brain function. These are two factors that directly correlate with work output, so remember to drink a healthy amount of water throughout the day! Dehydration can cause headaches and irritability, making it difficult to accomplish tasks. It’s professionally recommended to drink around eight 8-ounce glasses daily, but everyone is different. A little more can’t hurt.

If you find it difficult to drink plain water, there’s a number of alternative options that have your back. Drinks such as flavored water, coconut water, or kombucha can deliver similar results and provide hydration with enjoyable flavor.


We hope these tips can help increase productivity for yourself or coworkers at your workplace!

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