New month, new snack box! That’s right – it’s time to get excited about the snacks that’ll be coming soon to your workplace.

Corporate Essentials’ snack experts have assembled a list of healthy, delicious choices so that there’s something for everyone. Expect to find supercharged and delicious energy in each one!

There’s a total of 50 snacks in every box, made up of the featured products listed below, plus some that we’ll let you discover on your own. Try them all!


What’s Inside?


TrueJerkyTRUE JERKY – “The O.G.” Original Peppered Beef Jerky

This rich, smoky jerky has fresh garlic and ground pepper sprinkled on top. Agave nectar is the follow-up for a sweet taste. Perfect for the carnivore (or omnivore) in your life.



Michel et Augustin

MICHEL et AUGUSTIN – Milk Chocolate and Melty Caramel Cookie Squares

These cookie squares (actually rectangles, before being broken apart) are half milk chocolate bar, half crispy shortbread. A healthy coating of melty caramel is applied for good measure. A pinch of sea salt on each bar gives it a sweet and salty flavor. No preservatives!


Skinny Jimmy!

SKiNNY JiMMY! – Eye of the Tiger & Wake and Focus

If you’re having a long day at the office, these energy bars may be exactly what you need. Each bar contains a natural, plant-based source of caffeine. The Eye of the Tiger bars taste of caramel-chocolate and peanut, containing 10 grams of protein, while the Wake and Focus bars taste like cookies and cream with 7 grams of protein. The best part? Each bar is only 100 calories!



BARNANA – Peanut Butter Banana Bites

These chewy peanut butter and banana bites never seem to get old. In addition to being a healthy snack, they’re organic and non-GMO Project verified. The classic peanut butter flavor perfectly complements the sweetness of banana, creating a mixture that tastes even better than it sounds. Fans of either flavor shouldn’t miss this!



Biena Chickpea Honey Roasted

BIENA CHICKPEAS – Honey Roasted Chickpeas

In addition to being a great mix of sweet and salty, Biena Chickpeas are all-natural and gluten-free. A drizzle of honey is the icing on the cake. While deliciously crunchy when eaten on their own, these chickpeas can also be a great topping for salad or soup!


One of the best things about the monthly Snack Box is that it can introduce you to new snacks or flavors you hadn’t thought to try. Appreciating a diverse palate of full meals is fun, so why can’t the same be said for snacks? If you’re ready to have healthy, delicious snacks delivered to your workplace, give the Corporate Essentials Snack Box a try!

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