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Being an adult is hard. As we grow older, we lose access to so many defining aspects of childhood, such as swinging as high as humanly possible on the local park’s swing set without launching into outer space. Attempting that as an adult might raise a few eyebrows. But not everything from childhood has to disappear! Delicious fruit snacks are still here to stay. 

Childhood favorites like Welch’s fruit snacks are available to enjoy, but there’s a new market of fruit snacks made to be more appealing to adults. In addition to snack companies offering healthier options, there are vegan and organic snacks to engage an even wider audience.

Unfortunately, not every fruit snack is made equal. After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of fruit snack choices that should satisfy every party. There are options on the health-focused end of the spectrum, as well as items that should be enjoyed in moderation. 

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The fruit snack category refers to more than the gummies we remember enjoying as kids. It now encompasses various types of snacks, ranging from classic dried fruits and fruit leather to portable applesauce pouches. Simply put, there’s no shortage of fruit-flavored options at our disposal. So yes, adulting can be hard; but these 12 fruit snacks make #adulting feel like child’s play.


fruit snacks pressed by kind1. Pressed by KIND Bars

With 12 bars in each box, Pressed by KIND has the number to satisfy demand. You can think of Pressed by KIND Bars as the exotic fruit smoothies you love, pressed into delicious, portable bars. They take 2 servings of fruit along with nutrient-dense chia seeds and press them into a soft, chewy bar you can feel good about eating. Love green smoothies? Try out their Pineapple Banana Kale Spinach bar for an option that is chock full of nutrients and is as much a veggie snack as it is a fruit snack!




fruit snack bear yoyos

2. Bear Fruit Yoyos

If you’re more of a fruit roll person, the yoyos from Bear Nibbles may be right up your alley. Each pack is made with 100% pure fruit and vegetables and zero added sugar. Additionally, it’s high in fiber, a nutrient that offers a number of health benefits including a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes as well as healthier gut bacteria.




welch's3. Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Featuring the same great taste you remember, these mixed fruit snacks from Welch’s use real fruit as their first ingredient. They’re also fat-free. In addition to Mixed Fruit, Welch’s offers other fruit snack flavors including Strawberry, Tangy Fruit, Island Fruit, as well as Cherries and Berries.




annie's fruit snack

4. Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks

This certified organic, vegan (no gelatin!), and gluten-free snack contains a burst of all-natural lemon, lime and orange flavors in each bite. There are also no artificial flavors or preservatives. In addition to the sunny citrus fruit snack flavor, Annie’s offers a strawberry flavor as well.



barnana bites

5. Barnana

Barnana feels like the perfect ‘gateway’ fruit snack. For anyone interested in eating fruit snacks but not yet committed to dried fruit in a pouch, these gluten-free and sweet flavors may be a good place to start.
The Dark Chocolate Chewy Banana bites have the great taste of bananas and dark chocolate mixed together. If chocolate isn’t your thing, the Peanut Butter Banana bites take the same banana bites and cover them in a peanut butter coating. Fun fact – you can find the dark chocolate banana bites as a featured snack in July’s Snack Box.


peeled mango6. Peeled Snacks

If you’re ready to dive into the world of dried fruit, give Peeled Snacks a try. Each bag is full of fruit (and veggie!) flavor that is both great-tasting and healthy. Using all-natural ingredients gives each snack that delicious, authentic flavor that fruit fans love in a portable form. Plus, their snacks contain fiber and essential vitamins without any preservatives or fillers.




that's it bites7. That’s It (Bars and Bites)

It’s pretty easy to guess which ingredients are used in the creation of fruit bars from That’s It! Each part is right in the name. For instance, take the Apple + Apricot bar. There are only two types of ingredients used: one apple and three apricots. Simple enough. They’re unquestionably healthy and taste great!
In a similar vein, the Chocolate Apple Mango Bites are just that – Apple and mango combined with organic dark chocolate. It makes for a delicious single-serve package that will make you wonder if it even qualifies as a fruit snack (hint: it does!).



july snack box

8. Fruit For Thought

Fruit for Thought’s Organic Dried Mango has just one ingredient, and it’s exactly what the name implies. There’s no added sugar, preservatives, or additives. Plus it’s gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and vegan. If you know anyone with any of those dietary restrictions, or if you just want to have a sweet, healthy treat for yourself, give Fruit for Thought a shot. By the way, Fruit for Thought’s Dried Mango is another item in the list of featured snacks inside this month’s Snack Box. Be sure to check out Fruit for Thought in the July Snack Box!



GoGoSqueez9. GoGo Squeez

This fruit snack is very different from the ones before it. GoGo Squeez contains healthy, portable apple sauce that is a big hit with kids, but as we established earlier, that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy fruit snacks as well! A good amount of people have fond memories of enjoying apple sauce as kids, and this on-the-go solution will invite those memories back. Whether you crave plain applesauce or want to liven things up with Apple Peach or Apple Strawberry, GoGo Squeez has something for everyone.




fruit snack del monte

10. Del Monte Fruit and Chia Cups

Del Monte’s fruit cups are a great 7 oz solution to satisfy the early-morning sweet tooth. Every cup delivers fiber, vitamin C, and 800 mg of omega-3’s (which it turns out can bring with it a long list of possible health benefits). At only 90 calories per cup, the deal is even sweeter.




fruit snacks matt's munchies

11. Matt’s Munchies

Who doesn’t love a bit of alliteration now and then? The Matt’s Munchies name certainly fits the bill. Their premium fruit snack is a mix between rich mango and ripe Brazilian acai berries. And with two servings of fruit in a sub-100 calorie pouch, it’s a name that will stick in your mind for some time.




stretch island fruit leather

12. Stretch Island Fruit Leather

Coming in as the second example of fruit rolls on this list are the fruit leathers from Stretch Island, with flavors that should satisfy any fruit fan. With 30 portable packages per case, there’s plenty to go around. Share this all-natural and sun-ripened snack with your coworkers!




There are so many different types of fruit snacks that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Like we said before, adulting can be hard. We hope you found this list of 12 fruit snacks that make #adulting feel like child’s play helpful in your decision to branch out and try some new, delicious snacks while taking back a little piece of your childhood! Be sure to check out this month’s Snack Box to find fruit snacks like Fruit for Thought Organic Dried Mango and Barnana Chewy Dark Chocolate Banana Bites. If you’d like to save a bit of cash toward your next box, follow these steps to save $25 on your next Snack Box.

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