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Whether you’re a longtime Snack Box fan or recently signed up, this is a brand-new offer that is worth checking out. 

Our customers love receiving their brand-new Snack Box every month. Each box delivers a robust variety of healthy, delicious snacks that employees can enjoy throughout the day. This is a new way we hope to introduce it to a greater number of food fans!

If you follow these three simple steps, you’re guaranteed to save money on your next Snack Box. Read on to learn how you can slash $25 off your next Snack Box. Let’s get started!


How to Redeem


Step 1

Have a camera (or a smartphone) on hand, because it’s picture time. Gather your team and pose for a photo or record a video of you unpacking the snacks in your box! Include your current Snack Box somewhere in the shot and you’re good to go.

Step 2: 

Post the photo or video on social media and tag us on Instagram @corpessentials, LinkedIn @Corporate Essentials, Facebook @CorporateEssentials, or Twitter @CorpEssTweets.

Step 3:

Once you’ve tagged us in a post, keep an eye on your direct messages. We’ll send a private message your way to grab your information and take $25 off your next box. Yes, really. It’s that simple!


The Next Box


Speaking of Snack Box, the July box will soon be on its way. We’ll have more information to share about it by Monday, July 1st. Until then, why not start saving? Or you can see a few examples of the snacks found in last month’s box.

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Judson Kleinman

As the founder and CEO of Corporate Essentials, Judson set out with every intention of bringing a new meaning to the words "office culture". As leaders in the industry, his company constantly sets the bar by investing in, and improving their product offerings, technology, people and training. 20 years and 1500 clients later, Judson can proudly say that Corporate Essentials continues to positively fuel culture and allow over 150,000 employees to work happy.