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Helping employees feel proud of their work is crucial for a company’s success. If they aren’t happy with their output, it’s possible that the rest of their work can suffer as a result. But being proud is also an important image to maintain for hiring new candidates; if a hiring manager doesn’t show genuine enthusiasm for the business or their work, applicants may be dissuaded from pursuing a position at the company and look for outside opportunities. It’s important for candidates to recognize and appreciate the culture you’ve built for your company, but keeping employees happy is equally important. This ties into why encouraging a positive workplace can make an impact on business success.

The following list contains eight tips to help employees feel proud of their work!


1. Recognize Core Values

Core values are the ideas that define a company. Every business has them, whether they’re shared publicly or not. Recognizing those values can reaffirm your hard work and contribution to the team! Try visiting your company’s website. If there’s a background page that sheds light on its history, ideas can be formulated based on words or phrases that you believe stand out.

If you’d like to see the ten core values of Corporate Essentials, visit our website!

2. Apply Company Values

Ideally, you recognize your business’ core values and why they matter. Now it’s about asking yourself if you apply those lessons in your own work. In other words: does your work output reflect what the company stands for?

Consider the sixth value from Corporate Essentials, “Refuse to Settle for Mediocrity.” This value is reflected in the relationship our Customer Success Managers create with their customers. The managers maintain consistent, supportive conversations with customers to ensure their experience using our service exceeds expectations.

3. Share Employee Impact

Many of us feel self-doubt or uncertainty from time to time, and those feelings can extend to questioning one’s worth at our job. But proving the impact of employees’ efforts can help validate their place in the company. Sharing the results of their hard work, and how it goes toward making a positive difference, can improve their view of coming in to work each day. Success is determined in different measures from one business to another, but proving that worth in whichever way possible can strengthen employee self-worth.

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4. Encourage Participation

In every organization, many employees have views on how business should be conducted. By being open to suggestions, questions, and feedback, employees feel that their concerns are taken into consideration. This is another core aspect of validation that can help employees feel more comfortable contributing to future group efforts.

5. Understand How Business Began

There’s a reason why everyone wants to discover companies that share similar values. Each of us wants to feel like we have a place where we belong and share the same goals. Ask yourself if the core values of your company remain the same today as when it first started. It may be interesting to compare its upbringing to where it stands today and see how concepts have shifted or remained the same.

Additionally, it’s good for employees to know their company’s roots in order to feel connected to their job. They come to work every day, after all, so feeling connected to the work they are doing is important to keep employees engaged.

6. Recognize What Sets You Apart

Within any industry, there should be at least one aspect that separates a business from its competition. Whether there’s a special product or service offered, an effective method of engaging customers, or any number of aspects unique to that company, analyze why it works. If it delivers positive results and nobody else in the industry offers it, capitalize on that interest. That unique selling point has attracted eyes for a reason!

One aspect of Corporate Essentials that sets us apart from the competition is our wide breadth of full-service offerings. Full-service catering provided by Martin + Fitch brings a new concept to the world of office catering consisting of high quality, seasonal fresh food. The number and variety of snacks and beverages we offer, including locally roasted coffee, cold brew on tap and more, is made all the more impressive by our dedication to quality.

7. Organize Charity Days

Consider holding a fundraising event for a non-profit organization or invite coworkers to contribute toward one in progress. Employees can be reinvigorated by the reminder that their company and coworkers support a good cause. These events are also a great team-building activity, potentially helping people introduce themselves to new faces in the company or strengthening bonds that were already started.

Another great aspect of fundraising for charities and nonprofits is that there are so many ways they can be supported. If you’re stuck on ideas, consider checking out any number of recommendations online; there are a ton of ideas on how you can support your favorite charity or nonprofit organization.

8. Promote a Congratulatory Culture

When employees are commended for their contributions, their work feels valuable. In turn, they feel validated. That feeling of validation is crucial for employees to feel proud of their work.

There are many ways you can encourage a congratulatory culture of your own! You can see the full list of methods in a previous Corporate Essentials blog post, titled “5 Ways to Create a Congratulatory Culture in Your Workplace.


After a few months at a new job, it’s easy to fall into a pattern and get accustomed to the daily routine. In some cases, there’s a chance that being proud of the position can wear off. We hope these tips can help employees feel proud of their work! Each day is made more enjoyable when work turns from a burden into a positive routine. 

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