Feeling the Monday blues? You’re not alone! We wish the weekend was a little longer, too.

Encouraging positivity at work can make the day more enjoyable for both you and your coworkers. When you’re surrounded by upbeat people, it’s easier to say goodbye to those Monday blues. Here are just a few ways you can encourage workplace positivity!  


Play Music

Researchers have studied how music affects our mood for centuries. Listening to upbeat music
has been linked to happier moods, resulting in better overall well-being. Whether your office has a speaker system or radio, playing some light-hearted, catchy tunes throughout the day can help your employees stay positive on even the longest days. Be mindful of others’ musical tastes, of course!


Encourage Conversation & Questions

Engage in friendly conversation with coworkers. Understanding a little bit about the people you work with can make collaborating on future projects easier. Plus, spurring conversation can resonate with the rest of the team, helping others feel comfortable starting their own discussions.

Here’s a suggestion: ask questions! An easy place to start is by asking about someone’s personal interests or hobbies. It’s possible you and a coworker share more in common than expected.


Bring in Snacks, Treats or Coffee

Who doesn’t love a tasty snack in the middle of the day? You can’t go wrong with bringing some sort of sweet treat to perk up your coworkers’ day. Whether it’s homemade or bought from a store, the gesture will certainly be appreciated. Alternatively, if coffee isn’t available at work, bringing a fresh cup from a nearby coffee shop can give your coworkers the burst of energy they need.

Speaking of coffee, nothing boosts workplace positivity like free coffee in the break room! Take a look at our coffee machine offerings to find an option that’s the right fit for your office’s needs.


Personalize Your Work Station

If you have a desk, office or locker assigned specifically to you, try decorating it with items of interest. Family photos, fun knick-knacks, strong quotes and personalized desk accessories can be fun to show off. This personalization can inspire discussion with coworkers who share similar interests. Or, maybe it’ll draw the attention of those who would like to learn more about the things you chose. Customizing your workspace with personal preferences can also inspire creativity throughout the day.


Celebrate Achievements

If you have a coworker who reaches a notable goal, offering a classic “congratulations!” is an easy and friendly way to recognize their achievement.
 If you’d like to learn more ways to create a congratulatory culture at work, check it out here!

To expand on these ideas, buying or creating a book of fake medals and distributing them to coworkers can be a fun motivator. Feel-good awards such as “totally killin’ it at work!” or funny awards like “most tolerable to work with” can provide laughs, lighten the mood, and strengthen camaraderie.


Decorate for Holidays

Placing holiday decorations around the workplace can be a fun activity for you and the rest of the team. If you have an affinity for a specific holiday, be proud of it! Is Halloween your favorite day of the year? Adorn the office with ghosts, skeletons or pumpkins and flaunt that holiday spirit! Have a passion for Thanksgiving which no amount of turkey consumption can satisfy? Spruce up the place with your own holiday-themed cutouts and celebrate with a potluck Thanksgiving lunch.


Share Gratitude

On the subject of Thanksgiving, here’s a related idea – write a list of things in your life you feel most thankful for. You can post it somewhere for the rest of the team to see and add to as a “Wall of Gratitude.” Encourage coworkers to share the aspects of life that they are thankful for as well. Leave a stack of sticky notes and a pen nearby! Being grateful for the things we have been given can make workplace positivity easier to achieve.


Plan a Recurring Group Photo

Here’s a great way to advertise the company culture you have built
and have fun at the same time – gather your coworkers and arrange a group photo! This is a great way to commemorate any group activities that employees take part in. Some people are camera-shy, so remember to ask for permission before snapping any photos of others.

At Corporate Essentials, we celebrate Fridays by pouring espresso shots for our team members and snapping a photo to toast each time. Then, we share the pictures on Corporate Essentials’ social media feeds, which include Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


These are just eight ways of encouraging positivity at work, but there are plenty more that aren’t mentioned here. Ever heard the claim that smiling is contagious? Well, there is truth to that statement. Celebrating a positive work environment using any of these tips can help keep employees happy! If a routine is established, maybe you’ll discover some new ideas from your own coworkers.

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