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A few years ago, I was sitting down with my niece, watching her scribble way out of the lines in her Disney coloring book. It was unacceptable. As her aunt, I took it upon myself to teach her how to properly tackle a coloring book in a way that was both fun and educational.

When I picked up a crayon and began showing her how to color carefully within the lines and use all sorts of colors in exciting ways, I found that I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it, nostalgia took over and I had already finished an entire page by myself.

It was just such a different thing to do; it felt so relaxing, even liberating. I would almost dare to say it felt better than taking a nap in the afternoon. That was when I realized that coloring can’t possibly just be for kids…there’s no way.

It wasn’t long after such a throwback that I bought myself an adult coloring book for kicks. I had even brought it to work with me to use during my lunches. The more I colored, the more I felt the stale stuffiness of the workday float away from me. I even noticed that going right back to work after coloring seemed easier…fresher!

It was interesting; there had to be more to this pretty little book than filling it with wonderful combinations of colors. Just as anyone would, I went online to read more about adult coloring books and to my surprise, I had learned something exciting; coloring has been proven to be beneficial to your health.

Studies from the American Art Therapy Association have compared coloring to art therapy. The process of creating artwork in art therapy is used to explore one’s feelings, come to terms with emotional conflicts, and develop self-awareness. It can also manage behavioral difficulties, enhance social skills, improve reality orientation, release anxiety and stress, and even elevate self-esteem.

So, while coloring in an adult coloring book isn’t the same thing as going to a licensed professional, it’s almost like a dose of self-therapy…without the copay! Taking time to relieve the stresses of work or personal anxieties with coloring can ultimately benefit the way you re-approach these elements in your life with a clearer and more relaxed perspective.

Not only that, but you are also tapping into the creative recesses of your mind. Explore it! Coloring can spark new ideas and concepts, help your brain flow in a direction you haven’t yet discovered, and even trigger a new outlook on your day-to-day.

Personally, I’ve noticed many positive changes since I’ve started using adult coloring books. As I explained beforehand…after coloring for a bit during my lunches, I found myself getting back to my work with a pep to my step and a little more ambition than usual. My thoughts felt clearer and the weight of the 9–5 seemed to bear less on me. What’s more…my coloring skills have never been better!

What are you waiting for? Give it a shot!
Download our “Office Hero Initiative” coloring page and give it a go.
Make sure to tag your work with #StressLess on social media so we can see what you’ve made!

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Leah Seretis

After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from MSU, Leah has worked in Corporate Essentials’ marketing department as their design powerhouse since 2014. As the “mind behind the designs”, she has shared her talent for graphic design & illustration through Corporate Essentials’ digital and print collateral. Leah’s passion for branding continuously pushes her to provide the company with a diligent and consistent identity. Reporting to Marketing Manager Lori Puri, they are truly an unstoppable force!