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Escape the Daily Grind with Gourmet-Quality, Locally Roasted Coffee

Coffee is a basic (many would say essential) commodity with a history as rich and robust as a double espresso. At various times, coffee has been considered a gift from the gods, a magical cure-all, the source of all humanity’s problems and, quite literally, an almost obligatory worker perk. 

Did you know, for example, that coffee is the second most valuable traded commodity in the world? 

Or that 450 million cups of coffee are consumed in the U.S. every day?

Or that Corporate Essentials has served more than 50 million cups of coffee in the NYC metro area since 1996?

There are basically two types of drinkable coffee that come from two distinct types of coffee trees: Robusta & Arabica. While the Robusta market is bigger worldwide, the Arabica (or specialty coffee market) keeps growing as a percentage of the overall coffee market. 

  • Robusta coffee beans are for the mass market. They are less expensive because they are easier to grow, are considered of lesser quality, and (perhaps surprisingly) have higher levels of caffeine. These trees are grown at lower altitudes (yes, “mountain grown” means something) and produce less pleasant tastes. These beans are grown on large estates, picked by machine, and roasted lighter to retain moisture weight (because coffee is sold by weight). 
  • All specialty coffee is Arabica, but not all Arabica coffees are special. Quality depends on many things including how the coffee is grown, processed, roasted, and brewed. Arabica beans are grown at higher altitudes, handpicked, and roasted for flavor rather than a concern of how much weight the beans will lose. These are the beans sold at all good coffeehouses and specialty roasters, like the local roasters we partner with through our Essential Coffee Company.

Locally roasted. Responsibly sourced.

We started in 2013 with the goal of offering better coffee to offices in New York City and New Jersey; today, we offer the finest responsibly sourced, locally roasted coffee available, from carefully curated artisanal (third wave) coffee partners. We also provide top-quality brewing equipment (and client training) to make sure our premium coffee tastes perfect every time.

Based on your budget, staff size, and employee preferences, you can decide if you need a traditional brewer, espresso brewer or single-cup coffee maker, or a combination thereof. As a leading office coffee service provider in the greater NYC area, we offer a variety of services and blends to fit your needs. 

Energize your company culture, wherever your teams are working, with Corporate Essentials—the leader in cultivating happy, engaged employees. You’ll be doing better for them—and with locally sourced coffees and our green break room products, you’ll be doing some good for the environment, too.

Best coffee deal on the planet!

Get 10 pounds of locally roasted coffee FREE with a new coffee service agreement.

Click here or call 973.402.1088 for details.

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Judson Kleinman

As the founder and CEO of Corporate Essentials, Judson set out with every intention of bringing a new meaning to the words "office culture". As leaders in the industry, his company constantly sets the bar by investing in, and improving their product offerings, technology, people and training. 20 years and 1500 clients later, Judson can proudly say that Corporate Essentials continues to positively fuel culture and allow over 150,000 employees to work happy.